Saturday August 2 2014

Toning down your sensuality


By Gloria Haguma

• If for instance you are dressing to a wedding, but you want to be sexy, don’t wear a little dress. First of all, you will be uncomfortable the whole time and secondly, you will earn all the glances for all the wrong reasons. Instead opt for a gown, or a decent dress, and then employ styling tricks like plunging necklines and thigh slits to give you a very sexy, but still elegant touch.
• In addition to this, if you opt to show some skin, which is always the easiest way to dress sexy, then show off one part at a time. Do not have a cleavage, with a thigh slit. You need to let attention be drawn to one part.
• The other thing you need to focus on is putting your best asset forward. If you have a great pair of limbs, then show those off with a thigh slit. If you have a very enviable bosom, then go for a cleavage, although, you don’t have to overdo it, and leave your breasts flowing out of your dress.
• Also pay attention to your make-up. Remember make up is supposed to enhance your facial features, not transform you. So going over board can give you a very messy and look. Always opt for a light touch.
• The last bit would be your accessories. To begin with, keeping your jewellry very subtle, always give you a good finish. For instance if you’re wearing big chunky earrings, then leave the necklace out. Unless you intend to make your accessories the foundation of your look, then you have no business, stepping out in outrageous jewellery. Also have a neutral pair of shoes on your shoes rack, like a nude pump. This is not just an emergency pair, it’s also easy to match, and a sure way to add sexy to those legs.

Good dressing with Meagan

Meagan Good is one of those actresses that oozes sensuality on and off screen, without being trashy. For reference, just look at her outfits in the movie Think Like A Man Too and her red carpet look at the premiere of the movie. We borrow five tips from her that you can incorporate for different occasions.

Show a little skin without baring all to the world. With crop tops and long skirts trending at the moment, you can take advantage of this by playing around with the material. In this case, sheer material worked splendidly. This look works well for evening events. If you are young and daring.

Mix it up
Feeling flirty and tomboyish at the same time? Your outfit can capture both moods. In this case, Meagan teams a girly top and heels with a baggy pair of pants, that scream serious if worn on their own.

Everyday look
Half of the time, we dress up for ordinary things –work or a meeting. While these might be everyday looks, you can spruce them up with one little detail. It can be a scarf, belt or like Meagan in this photo, a chunky necklace and strappy heels.

Aim to dress down
Just because dressing down calls for paying less attention to what you are wearing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of what you have on. In this case, Meagan’s dungarees and long sleeved Tee scream casual but her boots say “I have a sense of style”. The shirt around her waist plus the back pack are just a bonus.