Monday March 28 2016

Should one remove artificial teeth before having meals?

New innovations have made dentures much more

New innovations have made dentures much more appealing, resulting in more flexible, more comfortable and more natural-looking false teeth.  

By Richard Kabanda

Dear Dentist,
I am planning to get artificial teeth, but am told you must remove them every time you eat something or going to sleep. Is this true?Arnold

Dear Arnold, it is not true that artificial teeth must be removed whenever you need to eat or even when you are going to bed. Those are misconceptions among many people. One can easily get artificial teeth, and use them just like our natural teeth.
There basically types of artificial teeth;
Partial dentures - These require daily removing and cleaning (once a day) if you are to maintain them for many years. These are the cheapest on the market. They are most appropriate for people whose oral hygiene is always satisfactory. They can be made for both anterior and posterior teeth, and they can also be made to people who have lost all their teeth in the mouth.
The bridge - A bridge is one of the permanent types of artificial teeth. Most preferably, it is best done when a person is missing one, two or three teeth in the same area. However, the neighbouring (adjacent) teeth must be strong enough because they are the ones that must support the artificial teeth. A bridge cannot be provided to a person without teeth, or a person whose teeth are not firm (strong enough). Once it is fixed, you do not need to remove it at any time of the day, it is permanent and it is similar to the natural ones.

The Implant - This is the most expensive of all types and it needs to be fixed effectively by an orthodontist (a dentist specialised in prosthetic treatments). The missing or extracted tooth is fixed from the jaw bone and it is always strong.
For all these types of artificial teeth, if they are properly fixed, no one can ever realise that they are not your natural teeth. This means that you need to seek this kind of treatment and guidance from an experienced dentist.
However, since these artificial teeth vary in costing, choice and appropriateness, I advise you to seek physical dental attention for proper diagnosis and decision making.