Tuesday June 20 2017

Foods to relieve a bloated stomach

milk processing

Yogurt from pasteurised milk contains probiotics, a common source of bacteria that aids digestion.  

By Phionah Nassanga

Catherine Nanozi, a nutritionist and dietitian with Cathy’s Wellness Centre, says stomach bloating is caused by enzyme inability to fully break down some sugars and carbohydrates.
“This can usually be cleared up by making simple changes to your diet,” Nanozi explains. These include;

Yogurt and vegetables
Nanozi says yogurt from pasteurised milk contains probiotics, a common source of bacteria that aids in digestion.
Fermented vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes and carrots will also help to stimulate natural enzymes, keeping the digestive organs functioning properly.

Ginger deflates the stomach from gas producing foods. It also soothes the digestive system by expelling gas from the stomach. Gingerols are also effective in relieving pain, making them useful in fighting the abdominal disorder.
Foods with high levels of potassium such as avocado also help in flashing out excess sodium from the body. Avocados contain fibre as well as vitamins B, K and E, which smash down and flash foods out of the digestive tract to prevent gas.

Lemon water
Lemon mixed in water can also be of great help as it enables intestines to dispose off waste and also cleanses the liver and prevents constipation.

When bloating is accompanied by flatulence (gas generated in the stomach), use raw garlic to relieve the symptoms. Mixed with warm water, raw garlic helps to fight bloating faster than the cooked one.

What to avoid
Nanozi advises keeping away from foods that cause excessive gas in the body.
These include beans, peas and black beans.

Dairy products
Lactose found in diary products tend to disagree with most people’s digestion system. “Avoid cheese, ice cream and milk. These make it hard for digestion to take place,” Ssali explains. However, one can opt for goats’ milk, which aids digestion.

Carbonated drinks
Avoid drinks such as soda. The air bubbles in carbonated drinks is trapped in the stomach causing flatulence.