Wednesday February 21 2018

Bean bags bring comfort, style to the room

Bean bags bring comfort style room

Many doctors are recommending bean bags to their patients who suffer from muscle or joint pain, as well as those who have had a back injury or surgery. Since every inch of your body is supported, it helps to alleviate strain that is often associated with sitting or lying down. NET PHOTOS 


The conventional modern sitting room will be incomplete without a sofa set. Perhaps the differences will only come in the size, make and owner’s taste. But not everyone goes for the sofa set.
The bean bags are a fad that resonates well with a number of people. The comfort comes from the composition of the bags, which largely contain form, the kind you have probably sat on in a lounging seat.
Graphic designer Brian Muzingu owns bean seats and when he bought them from Game Stores in Lugogo, he wanted to give them something traditional. “When I bought them, they had soft cloth covers but I wanted something unique so I asked one of the craft experts if they could dress the seats in goat skin. He said he would and had done it before so I entrusted him to do the job,” he recounts.
When the craftsman delivered the seats, Muzingu was impressed with the precision of work, especially the hand-sewn parts. He says many friends are always curious to know who did the work. He freely shares the craftsman’s contact with them.
Interior designer, Ruth Kankya, managing director of House of Yakobo & Noel, says having bean bags are one trendy way of spicing up and bringing life to any family-dwelling room.
“Go with a bean bag or two. Beanbags usually thrive off their vibrant array of colours and eclectic designs. Their shape hugs the sitter’s frame and make for a very comfortable experience,” Kankya explains.
She also notes that the bean bag’s affordability is also a big plus, no matter the type of buyer. And they are liked by both children and adults, and for good reasons.
“They are a source of joy for any interior. The bed is quickly becoming a multipurpose item in the home. It can now serve as both couch and bed. The comfort ranges with size and positioning. Bed types also vary with age and specific preferability,” she adds.
For example, children may take likings to beds attached to bookshelves and reading spaces, while a young couple might enjoy having a bed suspended from the ceiling.
Kankya also observes that the design of a bed, however, does not dictate its level of comfort. The mattress does that. More so, with a bed, one can choose to sit or sleep or lie low on it, giving the user the multiplicity of uses.
Muzingu says when visitors need extra cushion for bedding, it is easy to play with the bean seats or bags to provide just that. “Plus, they are light and easy to move around especially when we have to clean. Sometimes we need to make changes in our living room and we can easily effect our ideas as a couple,” he adds.

In terms of cleaning, all it takes is a soft brush since the goat skin is smooth and in colours of white and brown which blend well with the off white and grey walls of the living room as well as the rugs that have prints of orange, brown and black.
At Game stores, the bags go for between Shs110,000 and Shs150,000 depending on size. Kankya makes furniture on order and says they also import. “We have imported some bean seats for a client. He needed them for their living room and we acquired five seats at a cost of $30 (about Shs110, 000),” she adds.
So it is a matter of choice, whether to acquire a sofa set or try out the bean seat or bag, or even a bed.
According to, an online portal, the actual history of the bean bag is shrouded in mystery because it has such a simple design and dozens of uses. Those who are only thinking about furniture say that bean bags were invented less than 50 years ago. However, many believe they were around long before the 1960s, and their history can be traced back more than 4,000 years to ancient Egypt.
No matter who is ultimately right regarding the history of bean bags, it is fun and educational to explore the topic, take a look at their historical uses and discover how they evolved over time. The very first bean bag chair was known as the Sacco, and it was released in 1969. It was designed by Cesare Paolini, Piero Gatti, and Franco Teodoro, who were commissioned to create the piece by Zanotta Design in Italy.
The trio was asked to produce a chair that was aesthetically appealing, comfortable and unique. It was later considered a major part of the art movement known as Italian modernism.
Italian modernism was characterised by its use of new technologies and materials that had become available after World War II. Among these new materials were polystyrene and other plastics that could be easily and affordably produced for the masses.

Added advantages
• Health in this day of age is the single hardest thing to keep balanced and problem free. But if you are worried about your back, or if you find it difficult to sit in a regular chair, then bean bag seats are definitely the way to go in order to further produce therapeutic effects on yourself if you sit on them daily.
• People that invest in an ultimate sack bean bag typically end up praising how fun and relaxing sitting in one of these is. They are also very good for children to play with as they provide hours worth of fun by their ability to change shape. Kids usually end up making all kinds of forms with them in order to entertain themselves.
• Poor siting posture contributes to shoulder and neck tension, which can lead to headaches. If you suffer from headaches, you may need to trade in that expensive sofa you have for a bean bag.