Wednesday May 21 2014

Converting a garage into other rooms


By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

There is a time when you feel that the rooms in your house are not enough and the only available room you can put to use is a garage.

The main purpose of a garage on a building is to house vehicles, sometimes home owner relocate garages to other structures like the domestic servants quarters or guest wings, most especially when these structures are close to the main house. Relocating the garage, leaves the one built on the main house vacant.

Therefore, this space can be transformed into various rooms.
The size of the average car garage is about 2.5m to 3.2m width by 5 to 6 metres in length, and can even be larger, especially if the garage has storage space. So let’s take a brief look at what you can transform your garage into.

Extra bedroom
A self-contained bed room can be created from the garage space, this bedroom may serve as extra accommodation for the family (most especially when the family expands), when you decide to bring in your parents or relative to stay with you or when you need a guest bedroom, the garage on your house will provide this space.

The advantage with this is that the extra bedroom will be away from the rest of the bedrooms so the occupants of the room will enjoy their privacy.

Family room
For those who wish to have a family room in the house and don’t want to have an extra burden of building an extensions to achieve it, the garage will easily offer the solution to this.

For a family room, you can free up the living room of meetings and hosting guest plus special occasions by moving them to the family room. Additionally, recreational activities, like watching TV, reading and family gatherings can be done in this room.

Great room
The great room is a lager room in the house that combines the living and the family rooms, so if you knock off the wall separating the garage and the living room, you will be able to achieve a great room.

In case the garage shares a wall with the kitchen, you can use part of it (the garage space) to have a kitchen extension like the breakfast nook and laundry room.

House help’s room
Once you have decided that the garage must go, you have the option of using part of the garage space as a house help’s room, and then make it accessible from outside probably opening into the kitchen yard, this is an advantageous to the house help in that they can wake up straight to their work area without inconveniencing other family members.

Income generation
These days, it is common to find people carrying out their business at home since there are no rent bills to pay at the end of the month.
A garage can provide ample space for you to carry out your business smoothly. For example, you may turn it into a shop, storage space for your stock, office space, studio or even rent this space out.
However, it is important to know that business at home will affect your family in one way or the other. So weigh your options carefully before going for it.