Friday July 12 2013

Animations school graduates first class

New graduates from the school were in an

New graduates from the school were in an excited mood as they started on their professional journey . Photo by Edgar R. Batte 


Animation and graphic design are some of the courses that can hand you a self-employment ticket because with such skills you can sell your services to big players in the media world like television and newspapers.

For institutions like Artfield Institute of Design, value for money remains key, an aspect Professor Moses Golola, the executive director at the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), told the institute to uphold. He was speaking at the inaugural graduation ceremony of the school where 40 students graduated, 16 of these from Uganda.
“You must adhere to standards so that everyone gets value for money. I can see a bright future here and you should consider expansion,” Prof Golola said, adding that the market expects quality products from Artfield.

The graduates got certificates and diplomas in courses like Visual Communication, 3D animation and media design, Interior Design and certificates in Graphic Design and 3D Animation and Motion graphics.

The chairman of the governing council of the institute, Mr Ignie Igunduura, said that Artfield skills people. “Before the institute opened we saw a gap in the field of animation and graphics design yet it is a fast-growing information technology (IT) area.”

Good quality printers
Mr Igunduura added that unlike in the past when Uganda used to do its printing outside the country today there are increasingly good quality printers and as an institute, they provide the signs printed through some of these printers. “We have come to create change among young people in this country and to establish a pool of experts in the area of graphic design and animation to serve the Ugandan and regional market,” he explained the relevance of the institute.

Artfield is a privately run institute that was established in 2009. Currently it has a student population of 200 with three intakes every year; January, May and September. “Graphic design and animations are course which need deep concentration so we take on small numbers.