Sunday January 19 2014

IT WAS A HINDU DO: Barot and Kruti Miraj

The couple Mr and Mrs Miraj.  COURTESY PHOTO

The couple Mr and Mrs Miraj. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Christine Katende

When and how did you meet?
Barot: The meeting was arranged by our parents who were already friends. We had never seen each other and marriage was not among our priorities at the time. But after the first introduction, we got to know each other better. In the process, I realised Kruti was the one for me. Our parents’ role was to introduce us to each other and it was upon us to decide on whether to go on or not.
Kruti; We met last year in India after my parents had arranged with Miraj’s family to let us meet and later get married. I had no idea of getting married at the time my parents arranged that.

How did you feel at first sight?
Barot: She was charming. I saw a young, nice looking and humble girl walking in. I immediately felt that she was the woman I should spend the rest of my life with.
Kruti: I didn’t know who to expect. First of all, I didn’t think I would get married that early. I was quite comfortable staying with my father because he used to treat me so well. I am a daddy’s girl.

How did Barot propose since your parents had taken a step ahead?
Kruti: Barot proposed one month after our meeting. We were out at one of the coffee shops in India. He confessed that he liked me so much and asked if I could marry him.

How did you react to the proposal?
Kruti: Because I had already accepted him whole-heartedly, it did not take a minute to say yes. I was ready to go with him.
Barot: She looked excited. It was as if we had known each other for long yet it was just one month. Even our parents could not believe it. They thought it would take us long to decide.

What attracted you to each other?
Barot: Her disarming smile. She always smiled and I could not tell whether she was in good or hard times.
Kruti: I love the way he talks. He is humorous and makes everyone laugh whenever he says something. Also, he is like a replica of my father because he treats me almost the same way my father does.

You had two events. How did you go about it and how long did it take?
Barot: The first wedding was held in India because we had to follow all the traditional rituals. It took us 15 days (November 30-December 11, 2013) and each day had different rituals performed. We invited 3000 guests. We had a wedding planner and both families cooperated.
Every day was for party and prayer. The Uganda wedding was held on January 10-2014 at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

Here, brides are normally confined at their parents’ home until the wedding day. How is it done in India?
Barot: Yes, it is supposed to be like that. But ours did not follow that custom to the dot.
Kruti: We met every day because we had to perform every ritual together.

Did you use bridal cars?
Barot: Yes we had them and they added glamour to the function. On the wedding day, I moved on a chariot to Kruti’s home. It was the final function.

Why did you organise two wedding parties?
Barot: The reason behind it was, we wanted all people to celebrate with us at our function. Not everyone would manage to fly to India or Uganda. That’s why I decided to it that way.

How was it in Uganda?
Barot: It was marvellous, because all the Ugandan friends attended. We had all kind of entertainment. There was Kika, a traditional troupe and other local artistes. We wanted to have an African kind of celebration just to fit in the culture.
Kruti: It felt nice associating with different people away from my family. People were all happy and welcoming.

Was there any difference between the two wedding parties?
Kruti: Not really, we had entertainers at all functions. I was only excited watching different people performing different kind of dance and wearing the traditional out fits.
Barot: It was all the same because our friends and families were present. The only thing I realised that here, the bride and groom can’t just dance unless it is time to do so. I remember a friend whispering to me, asking me to wait and dance only when I was told to do so.
How different was your wedding from a Ugandan one?
Barot: Ours was a typical traditional Hindu wedding with traditional out fits used. In Uganda, the couples have changing attire from time to time which is not our case.

How was it having all your friends at your wedding?
Barot: Very exciting. Some told me of how their parents were asking then to get married too after our example.

Any particular exciting moment?
Barot: The time we arrived at the reception, people were all cheering us on.
Kruti: Arriving at the reception and cutting the cake with the nice lighting and, friends plus family surrounding us.

Any challenges during the wedding preparations?
Barot: No, my wedding planner Pamela did her best, not only in Uganda but also in India.

What is your advice to young couples?
Barot: If you meet the right person, get married, don’t wait. Always seek advice from your parents or elders because they have more experience
Kruti: Listen to your parent’s advice.

The Cake
Miraj with wife Kruti cut cake at reception.

The Entourage
The couple withe their parents during the traditional wedding in India.

The Entertainment
Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool was one of the guest performers at the reception at Serena Hotel Kampala

The day
Two ceremonies were held Groomsmen: I did not have any.
The bridesmaids:The bride chose her friends to take part in the wedding. The entourage were family and friends to avoid any annoyances on the D-day.
They had a honeymoon in India and another in Mauritius