Love out of the chocolate box: How we will spend our Valentine’s Day

I think Valentine’s Day is an exciting day if you are in love. So I just let the lovers enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is extremely annoying if you are single. Thank God it is on a Sunday!

Sunday February 14 2016

Many lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day by

Many lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging gifts. NET photo 

By Gillian Nantume

Winfred Kagwe,Lafarge in Uganda, Single

I think Valentine’s Day is an exciting day if you are in love. So I just let the lovers enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is extremely annoying if you are single. Thank God it is on a Sunday!
I do not have an elaborate plan for the day. But being a Sunday, I will most likely do what I do on Sundays. I will go to church, and then have a late lunch with a friend. However, now that I think of it, couples in red are likely to take over all the restaurants.
And all my friends may have their own plans for celebrating the day. Most likely, I will just buy myself a good bottle of wine, and pick a nice series from the movie library and enjoy my own company.

Anthony Ruriisa, Lecturer and Bishop

Married, father of four

Valentine’s Day is not a very big event to me though I like the idea of it being about celebrating love. However, it seems to have become a lot more about commercial gains than love.
My wife and my daughters know how much I care about them and do not need one particular day to prove it. Because it is Sunday, I shall go to church. I want to relax and spend the day with my family.

Aster Ruzindana
Managing Partner, Seven
Valentine’s Day does not mean anything to me. I do not celebrate it. I believe everyday should be a day in which you should show love to everyone.
On Valentine’s Day, I, together with my fellow gym members, will go to a park and engage in paint balling – basically shooting at each other. We are a mixture of men and women, but we have not yet decided which park to go to.

Abbey Mawerere
Director, Quick Errands Uganda

I intend to take my dear wife to a lovely place so that we can spend the whole day having fun together away from the hustle and bustle of town. It has to be only me and her.
This allows us to focus on our relationship and look back on what we have been able to achieve together and also plan how we can take our life to a new and better level.

Emma Otim
Administrator, Foundation for Human Rights Initiative

I really do not regard Valentine’s Day as a special day. It is just one of those days I like to joke about and it usually comes and goes without me noticing. I do not even pay attention to what clothes I am wearing or what colour they are on that day.
I would explain to my partner so that she is not offended by my not regarding Valentine’s Day, and ask her to forgive me.
I know it is a historic day in which people celebrate love but I celebrate love every day. As for those who celebrate special love by wearing red, buying red roses or wine on that day, I do not mean them any offence. One day should not determine the magnitude of my love.

Jossy Muhangi
Public Relations Manager, Uganda Wildlife Authority

I will spend it with my family at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe. Recently, we transferred some giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park to UWEC. I am using the opportunity to monitor how the new giraffes are coping in their new home.
I am also using this opportunity to interact with other wildlife in the zoo as well as the animal keepers.

Brian Walusimbi
CEO Bless a Child Foundation

Valentine’s Day is still confusing for me. People do all sorts of weird things such as wearing red clothes and buying expensive flowers. I think any day can be a love day, if you make it. I will keep home. I do not have any special plans.

Roy Mbuge
Model and Mr UN, Uganda

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