Sunday January 26 2014

Socks or no socks in loafers?

Loafers. File photo

Loafers. File photo 

By Gloria Haguma

A few days ago, an argument came up, amongst a group of friends I was with. This was after I commented on how inappropriate it was that one of the guys had worn his loafers with socks, something that I found rather odd. Some of the people disagreed as they saw nothing wrong with this.
Wear socks with loafers is a fashion blunder that is made by many men, due to the fact that some of these moccasins are made to look, rather formal, giving one the impression that would be okay to wear socks.
According to Brian Ahumuza, a stylist, loafers and moccasins, are made to compliment a casual smart look, and that adding socks to loafers totally kills the look.

He adds that since men, wear these shoes with dress pants, to the office, they are made to think that the shoes are a must to complete the look.
To beat this very disturbing fashion blunder, then it would be wise to classify these steppers, and then vary out which type to wear with what and how.

The black leather moccasins
These are a favourite of many of the corporate men, that feel the need to step away from their older counterparts. Instead of stepping out in formal dress shoes, they opt for these moccasins. They are usually black, and have a leather finish to them making it easy for them to be matched with dress pants. Depending on one’s personality, these can be worn with or without socks. Your choice.

Slipper loafers
These are the newest trend in this shoe family. And the nature of these shoes make it not just an insult, but a great fashion blunder to have them on with socks. Even if you are wearing them on a tuxedo, they are not supposed to be worn with socks. These usually come in a wide range of colours, and print, which makes it hard for them to be paired with socks.
The loafers on the other hand, are casual, and are worn with jeans, chinos, and shorts. No room for socks here. If you find the need to have socks on, then go for loafer socks or at least ankle-high socks.