Sunday March 2 2014

Timeless jewellery for every man



While the ladies go on to obsess about the latest Louis Vuitton purse to hit the market, men on the other hand, are trying to know if Messi will be lined up for the next Barcelona match.

Men are naturally not known to fuss about fashion. That should change. Looking good comes at a cost and withsome effort, so you are going to need to step up your game, if you are to win with the ladies.

You will need to stock up on a good number of accessories. Our big recommendation this week is a watch. Yes! That piece you wear on your wrist that will help you tell time is a fashionable accessory.

A good statement watch will tell a lot about your personality, and style sense. You need to put much thought into it, when choosing one . You need not stock up on lots of them. All you need is just one watch, which will speak volumes to those that see it.

Do you just need a functional watch? Or are you looking for an attention grabbing piece? Whichever your reasons may be, choose a timepiece that will last long, and also ooze class whenever you wear it. After all, it is not just going to tell time. It is going to compliment your look in the long run.

Label and strap
Your taste will also greatly determine the kind of watch you choose. While an individual may opt for the chunky chain wrist watch, another may decide to have a leather wrist watch.
For the label fanatics, there are many designer labels to choose from. Save a few millions to invest in a classy watch. All items from The Renaissance Man by Zari, located at Garden City. Prices range from Shs400,000 to 600,000.