Thursday May 5 2011

Mao Arrested, Released

 Mao Arrested Again

DP President Norbert Mao is back behind bars. Photo by Isaac Kasamani  

By Monitor Reporter

UPDATE 14:30 EAT:- DP President Norbert Mao has been released by the Police after nearly two hours detention at Kiira Road police station. Mr. Mao was then driven away by his younger brother Dusman Okee. Mr. Okee has reportedly urged Mao to desist from the Walk to Walk demonstrations and engage the government in dialogue. Mr. Mao informed the press, as he was being driven away, that he was going to UPC headquarters at Uganda House for a closed door meeting.

UPDATED 11:20 EAT:-The Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao was on Thursday morning arrested by police for the third time in a month for participating in “walk-to-work” protests.

He is being held at Kiira Road police station awaiting fresh charges against him. Journalists have been blocked from accessing the police station premises. When he asked police why he was being arrested, they said he was holding an unlawful assembly. In response Mao, who was walking with a few people, said he was walking not holding an assembly.

Mr Mao and six other DP members were released on Monday after spending three weeks in prison for allegedly holding unlawful assembly.

However Nakawa Court dismissed the charges, saying they were “non-existent”. Mr Mao was arrested in Bukoto after walking for 40 minutes from his home in Ntinda.