Besigye return: Live update

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Dr. Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie Byanyima on their way from Entebbe Airport on 12th-05-2011. Besigye was from Kenya where he has undergoing medical treatment after he was sprayed with pepper which affected his eyes.

Dr. Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie Byanyima on their way from Entebbe Airport on 12th-05-2011. Besigye was from Kenya where he has undergoing medical treatment after he was sprayed with pepper which affected his eyes. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU 

Posted  Thursday, May 12   2011 at  20:03

THURSDAY 12th 2011

20:03 EAT: Dr Besigye has spoken very briefly to the crowd and left the Nsambya Ground. He is, right now, being driven to his Kasangati home in the Gayaza area northwest of Kampala -- approximately 15 kilometres from the city centre.

When he spoke, our reporter says Dr Besigye called for a continuation of walk-to-work protests against the high price of fuel and rising cost of living on Monday next week. He thanked “Kenyans for fighting for him when Uganda ignored him” and said that “the world now knows who the exact leader of Uganda is.” Security personnel are harassing and hustling people trying to make their way home from the Nsambya-Queensway-Kibuye area of downtown Kampala.

19:45 EAT: Between Kampala and Dr Besigye’s home in the Kasangati suburb, our reporters say police and the military have mounted one of the heaviest deployments seen since the security forces commenced daily dawn-to-dusk patrols of the city and its environs immediately after election day on February 18.

At the Nsambya Ground, a very exhausted Dr Besigye and his wife, Winnie remain in their car. The place is teeming with people estimated to be in their thousands, cheering – the din is deafening. FDC party officials are struggling to re-locate the public address system nearer to where Dr Besigye is so that he can speak to the people.

It is not yet possible to determine how many people have been injured – or possibly killed – in the chaos which broke out when the police and army went out of control …

19:12 EAT: Police lead cars and armoured military vehicles escorting Dr Besigye arrive at the Nsambya Grounds with sirens blaring. The shooting has stopped, celebrations break out … even as the situation remains tense.

19:05 EAT: Shots are flying all over Nsambya Ground. People are lying down in fear of being hit. The army and police appear to have run out of control.

18:56 EAT:  The Nsambya crowds now seeing teargas at Queensway, a couple of kilometres away, which is aimed at Dr Besigye and his team is getting rowdy, reportsWalter Wafula.

18:53 EAT: There is total chaos as Dr Besigye’s convoy approaches Queensway. Soldiers charge the crowd as heavy gunfire rocks the air. Civilians, including local and foreign journalists are being beaten indiscriminately. Cameras and other equipment belonging to the journalists have been confiscated.

18:45 EAT: A fierce battle is raging at Kibuye Total as police and soldiers get confrontational with the bodas ahead of Dr Besigye’s procession. They are beaten, some undressed and many run leaving behind their motor cycles.  Police and soldiers are firing volleys of live fire in the air, even as they drive battle wagons into the procession in a bid to break it up as it nears the busy Queensway roundabout. Riot police also open up on the crowds with water canon, gushing torrents of blue and pink-coloured water together with teargas.

18:32 EAT: At Nsambya, there is thunderous applause as opposition politicians Eddy Yawe and Ingrid Turinawe arrive.

18:24 EAT: As the convoy approaches Kibuye, Kampala, police again starts beating up people and throwing them off the road. Many are seen walking with their hands as up and boda bodas have been left alone as scores scamper.

18:12 EAT: Nsambya people are increasing because word has been announced that Dr Besigye had reached at Najjanankumbi. FDC officials, Dan Mugarura, Anne Mugisha and others are addressing the crowds and keeping them busy. Police deployment also keeps increasing. Riot police is pacing around the grounds and military officers too.

18:08 EAT: Besigye is in Najjanankumbi heading to Stella, riot police teargass the crowds to reduce them which is partly achieved as the convoy continues.

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