Thursday February 20 2014

11 South Sudanese children abandoned at Soroti school

The abandoned South Sudanese children at Soroti Central Police

The abandoned South Sudanese children at Soroti Central Police Station on Monday. Photo Simon Peter Emwamu 


Soroti- Police in Soroti are stuck with 11 South Sudanese children after their aunt Agnes Amina reportedly abandoned them at a primary school last year.
The children, currently at Soroti Central Police Station, are pupils at Jameler Primary School in Soroti District and perhaps oblivious of the war situation in their motherland, are homesick and want to be repatriated.

School authorities say ever since the children’s aunt registered them at the school, she has reportedly never returned to check on their well-being.

Mr Paul Etyang, the school’s head teacher, told the Daily Monitor Ms Amina registered the children on May 25, 2013.

She told the school authorities that she was a South Sudanese national interested in educating her children at the school. “We interviewed and enrolled them in various classes and that’s the last time we saw her,” Mr Etyang said.
He added that the lady only deposited Shs1 million out of Shs4 million fees for the children.

When the school later telephoned her demanding for the balance she sent Shs500,000 through Mr Cuthbert Odur, a resident of Ngora District, whom she described as a brother to her Ugandan boyfriend, Mr Joseph Agau, living in South Sudan.

Mr Etyang said when third term commenced there was no clue about the whereabouts of Ms Amina as the telephone number she was using was switched off. The fees had accumulated to Shs12 million.

Mr John Micheal Erwau, the director of the school, said during the third term holidays the children became unruly. “We reported the matter to police,” Mr Erwau said.

Mr Ayub Waiswa, the OC CIID Soroti Police Station, said police and the school are trying all possible means to consult with the South Sudan embassy in Kampala.

Ms Florence Adongo, the in charge child and protection unit at Soroti Police Station, blamed the ordeal to the poor school administration. He said security needed to be consulted before registering young foreign students.

According to one of the children, Simon Rafiki, 10, they came from Yei. “Life has been hard,” he commented. “I want to rejoin my parents. I know my mother, Ms Joyce Abau, is longing to see me,” Rafiki said.

Names of the children

Simon Rafiki
Sisi Amedu
Winnie Susan
Victoria Margaret
Hayati Waruni
Simon Mushema
John Robert Managata
Christine Hawit, Gift Bobaya
Hassan Morning
Anthony Yabayaba