African governments must invest in knowledge development, scholars say

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A student in a laboratory Africa has to be in charge

A student in a laboratory Africa has to be in charge of research. Photo by F. Kasirye 


Posted  Tuesday, December 24  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Production of knowledge is a key factor in Africa’s growth.


WAKISO- Experts have asked African governments to invest in knowledge production as a measure to take control of education for sustainable growth.

Under their umbrella organisation, the Council for Development of Social Science Research in Africa, scholars said funding the intellectual agenda in social sciences must be taken seriously by governments due to its strategic importance.

“Knowledge production is at stake everywhere in the world and cannot be left to non-indigenous people if we need to develop,” Mr Coumba Ndoffene Diouf, the programme manager of research body, said.
According to Mr Diouf, Africa must take charge of funding research and not be left to European countries as it has been the case for the last 40 years.

Prof Murindwa Rutanga, the workshop’s coordinator, said whereas external funding is available, it is dangerous due to the fact that funders determine the research agenda, which leaves scholars with no role in deciding their priorities.

“Production of knowledge is where we have to invest. This will help us break barriers,” he said at the closure of the Writing Conference in Wakiso.