Tuesday July 8 2014

Bishop calls for improved teachers’ welfare

Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa shows the diocesan map,

Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa shows the diocesan map, one of the successes attained during his 19 years at the helm of Masaka Diocese. PHOTO MARTINS E. SSEKWEYAMA 

By Martins E. Ssekweyama

Masaka- Masaka Diocese Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa has called for reforms in the country’s education system.

Speaking during celebrations to mark 19 years of his service as Bishop of Masaka Diocese at his residence last week, he said the current education system only helps to suppress innovation and creativity.

The bishop said such education is not helpful for the development of the country as it only teaches students to pass exams.

He also proposed “a substantial increment in teachers’ salaries” and welfare improvement to motivate them to do a better job.

The bishop also asked the government not to implement the proposed Income tax on private schools, but rather strengthen its efforts to reduce corruption and save money.

Donors recently cut aid to Uganda, accusing the government of passing the anti-homosexuality law, which they said discriminates the gays.

Mr Mathias Kagugube, the chairperson Masaka Diocesan Teachers Union, told the Daily Monitor that Bishop Kaggwa’s proposals were welcome.

He said teachers in the region are planning to petition Parliament over salaries, taxes on private schools and other issues that affect their work.
Masaka District Woman MP Frieda Nanziri Mubanda said the bishop’s suggestions were “genuine and appealing”.

The MP, however, said the country’s education policy and budget proposals are open to debate.
Ms Mubanda also promised that the legislators will present such demands to Parliament when debate on the budget starts.