Floods leave Kampala residents stranded

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Pedestrians use a pick up to cross the road after it was flooded with water in Kyambogo. The heavy downpour left passengers stranded. People were heard blaming the poorly constructed drainage channels and poor planning of people building in the would be swampy area. Many other places were also left flooded in Kampala. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 


Posted  Monday, June 9   2014 at  15:54


Many residents around Kampala city suburbs have been locked in their homes following a heavy morning downpour wreaked heavy floods in Kampala.

Drivers around the city streets were also stranded as floods cut off access to the city. Taxi operators were the worst hit as business was frozen by the over stretched morning down pour.

In the Central Business District, at some of the black spots like at Clock Tower and Jinja road, vehicles could not move for some minutes, while pedestrians were to wait until the water levels reduced.

In some parts of Kampala suburbs, such as Kanyogoga, Kyaliwajala, Kawaala, Bwaise, and parts of Kyambogo and Katwe, many homes were flooded following heavy running waters that burst the drainages.


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