Tuesday June 19 2018

Kirumira speaks out on Kayihura arrest

Former Buyende District police commander Muhammad Kirumira

Former Buyende District police commander Muhammad Kirumira 

By Derrick wandera

Kampala- Former Buyende District police commander Muhammad Kirumira has lauded President Museveni for digging out wrong elements from the police.

Last week, a number of top police bosses, including the former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, were arrested.

“Arresting Kayihura can solve the murders and other killings. However, there are other kawukuumi (weevils) remaining within the police. I do not want to sound like I am celebrating Kayihura’s arrest,” Mr Kirumira said in an interview yesterday.

He cited corruption and ghost police officers working with criminal gangs as some of the challenges in the Force.
The new police leadership under IGP Martins Okoth-Ochola and his deputy Muzeyi Sabiiti has since made several reshuffles.

“I know the police of Mr Okoth and I do not have a problem with it. It will be transparent. Kayihura was driving his own political agenda and he had formed dynasties. If you think I am lying, where is kifeesi [city gangs]? Where does the money collected by traffic as fines go? And who knows about crime preventers now? All these were his operations,” he said, adding that he should be hired to fight criminals.

Mr Kirumira advised Gen Kayihura to plead guilty and ask for forgiveness.
However, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said Mr Kirumira should not continue to ride on falsehoods.

“Hired by IGP to fight crime? I do not see this happening. It is day dreaming. He should be humble enough to avoid trading falsehoods. Fines collected from the EPS (Police express penalties) are deposited in banks identified by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and this money goes to the consolidated accounts of the government. We are an enforcement body that plays a support role to URA but never manage the funds,” Mr Kayima said.

Meanwhile, police yesterday started head counting its personnel. Mr John Wabwire Were, a retired inspector of police, said the exercise is only carried out whenever there is suspicion of ghost workers.

“The last time it was carried out was in 2014 and 2016. This was a time when there was so much suspicion of police hosting many ghost workers and its purpose is to know the exact number of police officers on ground. If you do not attend, you are deleted from the pay roll,” Mr Were said.

However, Mr Kirumira called for an independent body to carry out the exercise and forensic auditors to weed out criminals.