Thursday May 8 2014

Makerere bans naked run around campus

The Makerere University swimming pool that is

The Makerere University swimming pool that is used as the finishing point for the "Naked Mile". Courtesy Photo 

By Nelson Bwire

Makerere University has banned a "cultural" norm by students to run around the campus naked, at night and climax the event dubbed "Naked Mile" with a plunge in the swimming pool. The university authorities said sometimes the students are in a drunken stupor.

“This is very unfortunate and unacceptable in the premier institution like university. It’s also potentially dangerous to human life,” the Dean of Students, Mr Cyriaco Kabagambe, said in a May 5 statement.

Mr Kabagambe has directed the university security and police to apprehend students who continue to indulge in this lewd mid-night stroll that attracts both male and female students. Lumumba and Mitchel hall students, the university said, are most fanatic but the culture “has now grown to recruit students from affiliated lady halls.”

The activity that starts from the students' halls of residence in the night involves undressing and running around campus before each of the students comes plunging (still naked) in the University swimming pool which in this case is their finishing point.

In the Makerere University culture, Lumumba Hall is socially affiliated to Mary Stuart Hall aka Box to form the Lumbox solidarity while Mitchell is affiliated to Complex hall to form the Mitchelex camaraderie.