Thursday May 15 2014

NRM youth want Shs1m after failed conference

Agago District NRM youth leaders stranded in

Agago District NRM youth leaders stranded in Lira Town on Monday night after the youth delegates conference initially slated for May 15 was postponed at the last minute. They are now demanding Shs1 million in transport refund and lodging fees. PHOTO BY Hudson Apunyo 

By Hudson Apunyo

At least 21 NRM Youth League delegates from Agago District who got stranded in Lira Town on Monday are demanding Shs1 million in transport refund and accommodation fees after the delegates’ conference was postponed.

The youth who travelled from different parts of Agago had booked a Gaagaa bus to travel to Kampala for the conference that was scheduled to take place at Namboole Stadium yesterday.

The Agago District NRM chairperson, Mr Daniel Cere, said after receiving a call inviting them for the Namboole conference, they travelled to Lira Town -- their assembling point -- but they received another call on Monday at 10pm stopping them from proceeding because the meeting had been postponed.

He said when he tried calling the organisers of the conference, they refused to pick his calls. “At the moment, we are inviting the party to meet the cost of our transport and accommodation in Lira,” Mr Cere said.
The NRM youth were meant to discuss the division amongst themselves and matters of accountability during the conference.

Mr Bob Oyuku Ojok, the NRM youth spokesperson for Lira, said his group was also stranded after getting information from Northern Youth MP Evelyn Anite that the conference was postponed to July.

In an interview with the Daily Monitor, Ms Anite said she had advised the youth earlier that they do not need to travel unless they get confirmation from her. “They listened to the wrong people who kept on sending them messages, instead of listening to my communication,” the MP said.
She added that they were supposed to only be seven members not 20 as they allege. “They were relying on wrong people,” she said.