Sunday December 10 2017

Parallel Kyabazinga government enthroned

A parallel Busoga Kyabazinga government led by

A parallel Busoga Kyabazinga government led by Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi from Bulamogi Chiefdom in Kaliro District was enthroned on Friday. Photo by ABUBAKER KIRUNDA 


JINJA. A parallel Busoga Kyabazinga government led by Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi from Bulamogi Chiefdom in Kaliro District has been enthroned.

The government comprising of Royal Chiefs Council, Busoga Lukiiko and Ministers will do kingdom work alongside the Kingship of Prince William Nadiope Gabula who was enthroned in September 2014.

Three Royal Chiefs namely Juma Munulo Luba from Bunya chiefdom, Yasin Ntembe Waguma from Butembe and Edward Kamaga from Bukono Chiefdom who acted as nominator, seconder and secretary respectively during the election of Prince Nadiope as Kyabazinga made a U-turn to do the same for Prince Wambuzi at a ceremony held at his Palace in Nakabango in Mafubira sub-county in Jinja on Friday.

The trio accused Nadiope of breaching the agreement of serving for an interim period of 5years and instead used illegitimate chiefs to amend the constitution and passed a resolution allowing him to rule for life.

“We had agreed with our brother Nadiope that for the goodness of Busoga, we elect him for five years and then organize fresh election for Kyabazinga after stabilizing the kingdom but instead he mobilized people in our chiefdoms to unseat us and put illegal Royal chiefs he used to pass a resolution allowing him to rule for life and we decided to come back to Prince Wambuzi to form another government sworn in today [Friday] because our agreement was broken,’’ said Prince Yasin Ntembe who was elected as deputy Issabalangira.

Prince Munulo, a former state attorney and senior lawyer in Jinja town presided over the enthronement ceremony as the new parallel government was installed.

Leaders in the key positions of the government include Hajj Rajab Walangalira sworn in as the prime minister, former Jinja mayor Joel Kafuko sworn in as deputy premier, Prince David Kibubuka from Bukooli chiefdom sworn in as Issabalangira [Royal Chiefs council chairman], Yasin Waguma Ntembe confirmed as deputy Issabalangira and Daniel Lubogo sworn in as Kingdom attorney general.

Others in the government are Nelson Richard Wabulembo Lukiiko speaker, John Lukakamwa deputy speaker, Simon Muyanga Lutaya, information minister, Robert Kanusu appointed as minister for works in the kingdom and Moses Bakeera the minister for mass mobilization.

Prince Wambuzi in his speech thanked the Royal chiefs for making a U-turn and make him a Kyabazinga.
He urged government to ensure recognition of his government based at Nakabango palace.
He said his government is not about wars in Busoga but unity for those not contented with the leadership of prince Nadiope.

However the spokesperson for Kyabazinga Nadiope government Andrew Ntange said the enthronement for the parallel government was drama.
He said the claims put forward for formations of a parallel government were unrealistic and not applicable in any cultural institution.

“There is nowhere in this world where a king leaves power before death therefore the claim that the agreement for interim kingship was broken by making prince Nadiope a life king is not applicable,’’Ntange said.
He warned government against allowing another Kyabazinga to exist saying that is not proper given the substantive enthronement of Nadiope.