Sunday May 25 2014

Rival Muslim factions join hands to fundraise for multi-billion project

Muslims fundraise for Ummah House Project at

Muslims fundraise for Ummah House Project at Nakivubo stadium yesterday. PHOTO BY STEPHEN WANDERA 


Rival Muslim factions yesterday converged at Nakivubo stadium to fundraise for the construction of a multi-billion project house in Kampala.
The Shs10 billion project comes at a time when Islamic faith in Uganda is dogged by divisions: Kibuli under Sheikh Kayongo; and Old Kampala under Mufti Ramadhan Mubajje. This came after the Kibuli faction accused Mufti Mubajje of mismanaging Muslim properties.

But Sheikh Umar Kamoga, the project coordinator, said this was part of the way to reunite Muslims all over the country.

“We invited all rival parties and all their representatives are here. This project is purely developmental. We are tired of wrangles. We want reconciliation, unity and development for the Muslim followers,” he said.
Mufti Mubajje was represented by his secretary general, Hajj Siraje Kavuma, while the Kibuli faction sent several dignitaries.

“As the Muslim community, these are the schemes we must be investing in for the good of the community. We delayed but since we have paved the way, we don’t need to move back,” said Hajj Moses Kigongo, the chief guest.
Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) spokesperson Nsereko Mutumba said they will support the project since it is benefiting Muslims as a community.

“For as long any project is pro-developmental, UMSC will back it and this is exemplary of what we should be doing as Muslims in the country other than fueling internal wrangles,” said Mr Mutumba.

More than Shs100 million was raised to kick start the project, which will be constructed in Rubaga Division, Kampala. The 10-storey building will house a Mosque, library, gym, hospital, a restaurant and private offices.
The project coordinator also allayed fears that the building was registered as an individual property, saying it was registered as a company “limited without share, implying that the signatories are simply custodians”.

Sheikh Musa Isa Mubiru, Abdurrahman Kikubira and Sheikh Mahmood Ssebanyiga were tasked with handling the project money.

Since 2008, no major development projects have been agreed on by the Muslim community as they have been battling within factions to recover the sold Muslim assets such as the Nakasero Mosque and the William Street Mosque.