Tuesday June 19 2018

7 things Ugandans want Museveni to address in his security speech to Parliament

President Museveni. FILE PHOTO

President Museveni. FILE PHOTO  


President Museveni will tomorrow afternoon address Parliament on the state of the country's security.
Shortly after Finance Minister Matia Kasaijja had read the national budget at Serena Hotel in Kampala last week, Mr Museveni asked the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, to give him time to address Ugandans on the issue of increased insecurity in the country.
“Please Speaker, give me time next week to come and address this issue of insecurity in Parliament,” Mr Museveni said.
The State House Twitter handle tweeted that, “Tomorrow, 20th June 2018, President .@KagutaMuseveni will address Parliament and the country on the state of security.” The tweet stated that the address will be at 2pm.
As the countdown to the address continues, we asked our readers what they would like the President to talk about in his address.
Some of them want the President to do less politicking and more serious investigations into security-related crimes. Others want him to tell the country how he will address high youth unemployment which encourages crimes while some demanded for his resignation.
Below are comments we sampled from our readers on social media.

Check points
Some of the readers say they want checkpoints to be instated at various points in the city to check people who might be in possession of suspicious materials. In addition to that, Nangumya Ezra K Rigambagye says measures should be drafted to meet the security challenges and there should be “timely investigations in regard to the crimes.”

Thorough investigations
Boda boda riders, some of the readers say, are being criticised and yet many of them are innocent and are just trying to make a decent living. The President, they say, should address the issue of investigations being done thoroughly and completed. Wandera Denis Ochand says: “Let them look into serious criminal investigation and how to mitigate them than politicizing crimes and criticizing innocent boda boda guys because these criminals now know that a motorcycle is easy to go through the jam.”

Unemployment and corruption
Cornelius Twijukye one of our readers says the President should talk about unemployment and what is being done about it, insisting that it is the root cause of criminality and insecurity in the country. He also says, rampant corruption with government officials should be addressed, as he believes it “has also increased killings among themselves.”

Assurance on safety
Safety for all Ugandans is a major issues. With the recent kidnaps, abductions and murders, many people feel unsafe in their own neighbourhoods. “We want a concrete assurance for a safe country, we are tired of frequent and rampant murders. We no longer feel safe in our own streets, that shouldn't be,” Noel Kidd states.

Former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura issue
The current talk on most people’s lips is the incarceration of former Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura. Questions abound on why exactly he is being detained, what the charges are and when a formal process will start. Emmanuel Keneth Watyekere says, “He [the President] should assure the nation that he will not interfere with Kale Kayihura's issues with court such that we can have justice prevail over IGP's injustices. Another reader, Ali Civilian wants Museveni to answer the question, “What’s Kayihura's next destination?”

Other readers believe that the President should resign. “Why are we still borrowing money yet we can’t see results? As Ugandans, we need to enjoy Uganda and all the resources as one. Poverty, unemployment, murder is the daily thing in Uganda,” Irene Darling says before asking Museveni to please step down. Denish Omony echoes the same sentiments, as does Epiu Bile Moses who says, “Let him tell us when he is leaving power.”