Tuesday June 17 2014

We shall not use guns to oust Museveni, says Opposition

Mr Mao (L), Mr Otunnu (R) and Bishop Zac Niringiye chat after the

Mr Mao (L), Mr Otunnu (R) and Bishop Zac Niringiye chat after the meeting in Najjanakumbi, Kampala yesterday. Photo by Joseph kiggundu. 


KAMPALA- Leaders from opposition political parties yesterday resolved to disregard calls by a section of the population to take up arms and dislodge President Museveni from power.
President Museveni has been in power since January 1986.
Reading a statement on behalf of other Opposition leaders and members of the free and fair elections campaign at a joint press conference held in Najjanakumbi, Kampala UPC President Olara Otunnu said the group had received a barrage of requests to get arms and take on the government

“In our campaign, people kept asking us, ‘please forget about elections, forget about discussions and democracy, and give us guns, because that’s what Museveni understands,” Mr Otunnu said.

“We understand the frustration of the people and we know what has brought them this far, but we have concluded that this programme is about causing a peaceful democratic change; not through the gun.”

Mr Otunnu said after a two-day consultative meeting held in Mukono at the weekend, they had agreed that this was not an option to take.

DP president Nobert Mao said using the gun had not delivered Uganda from bad leadership and that it was time to give peace a chance.

Former FDC leader Kizza Besigye has previously spoken against the move warning that it will not return power to the people but a transfer of power from one guard to another.