Alupo says lobbying won’t shape outcome

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Maroons’ Denis Rukundo (L) beats  Express’ Ismail Kazibwe to the ball  last season.

Maroons’ Denis Rukundo (L) beats Express’ Ismail Kazibwe to the ball last season. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO 


Posted  Wednesday, February 13   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Soccer. Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo says her docket now has everything in “black and white” and will present it to Cabinet next Wednesday for government’

Government is hardly lost on public anxiety, neither is Jessica Alupo, the Education Minister, who is intent on arresting the rot that has littered local football.

After the beleaguered Fufa Super League (FSL) and Uganda Super League (USL) failed to agree to one topflight competition by January 31, Alupo said her ministry’s next step was forwarding recommendations to Cabinet for a final decision on the impasse “probably” at today’s sitting.

Although the public will have to wait again at least until next Wednesday, the minister remains steadfast the solution - which includes but not limited to - one league, is closest to fruition.
“It is now just a matter of time,” an assured Alupo told Daily Monitor yesterday.

“The government understands what this means to football, to Uganda. I just ask the public for a little more patience. We now have a complete copy of the frame work.” But how about speculation that some lobbyists in Fufa and USL have infiltrated Cabinet for their own selfish interests?
“That will not be achievable,” she assured, “Cabinet looks at what is good for the country, not for Fufa or USL.” Fine then, going forward. “What myself, the State Minister, the PS, and physical education commissioners are doing today is we are comparing notes, see what we need to add or delete.”

Alupo added: “We shall then endorse a final copy of our recommendations to Cabinet next week for a final government position.

“Our decision will be one that we think is sustainable to our football growth and all parties should look at it that way.”

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