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Golola reigns in the rain to earn right as nation’s best

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Golola (standing) brought Mugula down to his knees in the highly billed non title fight at Freedom City on Saturday morning. Photo by ISMAIL KEZAALA 


Posted  Sunday, March 9   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

Kickboxing. On an unusually cold night this season, the rains did come down and on a slippery turf, Golola made it his night by ousting Mugula.


“There can only be one kickboxing champion in the country.” These were the words of Ronald Mugula on Thursday prior to the fight against Moses Golola.

And amidst a drizzle in the wee hours of yesterday morning, big-talking Moses Golola was declared the ‘Undisputed king of kickboxing in Uganda’ after convincingly defeating Mugula.
From the onset, there was always going to be one winner and Golola lived up to the hype by proving the better fighter on the night.
The self-styled kickboxer, returning to the ring for the first time since getting a contested win against Romanian Zoltan Poczo in November last year got the three judges’ nod with a unanimous 50-48, 49-47, 49-49 victory.

Grand entrances
Mugula was the first to come out of the locker room accompanied by musician Dr. Hilderman of the Mazongoto fame, his coach Musa Batantu and a handful of bouncers.

But when the crowd’s favourite Golola started his match to the ring, the deafening noise from the fully-packed Freedom City Arena doubled and almost brought off the roof.
The hugely awaited non-title fight got underway at exactly (1:42am) in a sluggish fashion with the first round ending with no serious kicks and punches.

Round Two and Three brought the best out of both fighters with each looking at seizing the initiative.
Golola, who somewhat managed to bring Mugula down to the canvas in each round, was evidently in the lead and justifiably received the most applause of the full house. Mugula was the busier bee in the fourth as Golola opted for a cautious approach. Only a knockout could save Mugula from defeat at this stage as both fighters waited for the fifth round to get underway.

Done and dusted
Golola, whose dancing at the end of the fourth was an indication that he vividly knew he had claimed his scalp, stood his ground and couldn’t hurt him as the final round proved a mere procession to the throne for self-acclaimed ‘Golola Moses of Uganda’.

“I came to finish him off,” said an elated Golola.
“The mission is done and I am the undisputed king of kick boxing in Uganda. Mugula is a good fighter but there can only be one champion.” Mugula will look back and blame himself for the no-show. The Germany-based fighter has continuously lost spark since his defeat to Egyptian Abdallah Hessen in January.
Mugula was so poor, he couldn’t even pull off his well-publicised ‘Axe kick’ also known as the hammer.

“If those are the results, let them be,” said Mugula while conceding defeat. “But I know I am better than Golola and I won’t ask for a rematch.”


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