Monday February 4 2013

Cindy impresses at maiden concert

Cindy, Jackie and Lillian share the same stage after five years.

Cindy, Jackie and Lillian share the same stage after five years. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO 

By Edgar R. Batte

Cindy walked onto stage at Kati Kati amidst ululations. “Na mimi nawewe,” she bellowed into the microphone, attracting more cheers as the lights all focused on her. It was her maiden concert on Friday, and she was visibly overwhelmed and flashed her beautiful smile to fans as she performed Nawewe, one of the RnB songs that introduced her as a solo artiste after leaving the Blu*3 girl trio.

She was smart, clad in a white cloak , over a shiny gold dress with matching high heels. She later changed and wore black pants, with studs akin to those adorned by rock stars, with a matching leather jacket. She had boots to complete the look.

She went on to perform Bwasalawo, an inspirational song that preaches the message, “When God says yes no, man can say no”.

“Thank you guys for turning up. I was backstage at about 8pm and I was asking myself where all the people were. Seeing you in big numbers is so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mwaah,” she told the crowd before sharing a ‘flying kiss’ with them.

One fan, perhaps obsessed, then shouted, “You are so smart you look like a virgin. “Thank you,” the mother of one, smiled before getting her crazy stage antics on as she did Ayokyayokya (she is so hot). Her partner, Mario Brunnett was in the house holding their daughter who was innocently smiling as mummy pulled off some ‘killer’ strokes on stage.

“I want to thank my mum for being there for me. Mum thank you,” the 26-year-old singer bowed in the direction where her mother, Angela Apolot, was seated. She then performed a song in tribute to her.

And as the show drew to a close, there was a surprise in the house. “Guys I have called on different artistes to perform and some have not come. I invited Lillian and Jackie but I am not sure they have turned up,” she said.

The other two ladies with whom she won the Coca Cola Pop Stars reality search to form the group Blu*3 back in 2004 came on stage to almost deafening cheers, joining Cindy and performing together after almost five years since the group split. They did songs like Sanyu Lyange and Hitaji. Cindy came on to crown it all with Amateeka, which was title track for the concert.