Monday April 17 2017

Cindy goes live in Guvnor

Cindy does her thing at Guvnor on Friday night.

Cindy does her thing at Guvnor on Friday night. Photo by Edgar R. Batte 


More than anything, Cindy is a passionate performer, one who puts her heart and soul in a stage performance that even as threads of sweat start lining her face, she will be asking fans for the next song they would like her to perform.
In her measure of artistic expression, Cinderella Sanyu roused fans in a two-hour performance at Guvnor last Friday night. It was dubbed ‘Cindy live’ show and revellers got it all past the midnight hour.
In her signature confident demeanour, she led her band- Band Cindy- on her seven-year solo musical journey during which she has made her mark in the music industry through tracks like Ayokyayokya, Selecta, Nawewe, Tempo, Nkoye Amateka, Yeye on which she feature Kenya’s Wahu, Total Satisfaction and more songs that represent varying messages.

In some you feel a pained soul then in others, she drums loud messages of women liberation out of emotional pain yet many of her songs remind you of the sheer need to have a good time. As she delivered the songs, so did she give the relevant expression to them.
That is how she took the time away, connecting with the crowd as she varied musical tempos and boogied alongside her back-up singers in a choreographed performance.
At some point, she invited some of her fans onto stage to battle out in a dance competition. One reveller proved she was no average dancer. She made it worthwhile for the audience as she effortlessly wiggled her waist and then let her buttocks ‘tick’ to the rhythm.

Then Cindy premiered her latest music video titled Run this City which was a good launch platform for her new look as well, of coloured, short hair. The visual images therein portray Kampala, the city, from uptown to downtown.
There are depictions of life as it goes on in these different of the town but most of all giving the ladies the hint that they can run the city with their fine bodies and their excesses.
So, watch out for some randy lines there though for much of the video the artiste is adorned in formal wear which is not your typical Cindy outfit. We all appreciate her for her attitude and ragamuffin style.