Thursday June 8 2017

Ebonies bringing on another multifarious title, Engwalangwawa

The ebonies on stage during one of their stage

The ebonies on stage during one of their stage performances. Photo by Edgar R Batte 


The Ebonies are adding another spooky play title to their list. Engwalangwawa- Flight 36 is the theatre outfit’s forthcoming production and not even the group’s director, Sam Bagenda alias Dr. Bbosa, could give media a black and white explanation of what the word means.

And it is a production that has called for ‘The Ebonies’ to go shopping, oversees, in order to get costumes to fit the contextual appeal. At a press briefing Wednesday, Bagenda said that the new play is one of the most unique dramas in their recent times.

So, they are taking some time off local stage to go shopping for some glamorous outfits, and also find time to think and create as they also sample technology that will deliver the audience into the ‘wow’ segment.

17 members of Uganda’s oldest stage drama group, started in 1977, travelled on Tuesday afternoon to China where they will be for about 10 days. Bagenda said that Engwalangwawa- Flight 36 is about some of the recent topical issues in the country but the press wanted some exact details.

“That is to let out the real story. We would like patrons to come to our home, Theatre La Bonita, and discover what we have to offer in the new play,” Paul Jjingo, out of the lead actors of The Ebonies, said.

The press were not having any of the ‘bluffing’. “Anyway,” Bagenda said, clearing his throat, for a more specific answer. “It is a play whose story rotates around the recent wave of insecurities around the country. Some people have lost their lives and investigations are still on-going. As a mirror of society, we would like to highlight the ills and offer some solutions too,” Bagenda explained.

Engwalangwawa- Flight 36 trails Akasoddokiyo, another play with peculiar title that is currently being staged at the theatre. As the group takes a break this weekend, another indigenous drama, Bakayimbira Dramactors, will be on stage with a comical stage drama title Vanessa ne Tito, for two shows on Saturday and Sunday at 7pm. Bakayimbira was established in 1982. Engwalangwawa-- Flight 36 will be premiered on June 30th, at 5pm.