Killing fans with fun

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Dolibondo, together with other comedians “killed” revellers with their rib-cracking jokes at Laftaz Comedy Lounge, Centenary Park in Kampala on Wednesday. photo by micheal kakumirizi 

By Lawrence Ogwal

Posted  Saturday, June 7   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

Time to laugh. It was a moment for everyone to forget their troubles as comedians cracked many a reveller’s ribs.

When Mirinda Comedy was launched, different comedians from different comedy groups promised to perform together at events in and around Kampala. Before they went to Masaka and Mbarara, Mirinda Comedy was for the first time hosted by Patricko Mujuuka of the Akandolindoli fame. This was last Wednesday at the usual venue, Laftaz Comedy Lounge, Centenary Park in Kampala.

As a comedian too, Mujuuka cracked some ribs, as he introduced the different performers on stage. As his entry point, Dolibondo always comes on stage, then he tells the MC that he is not an upcoming comedian to attract less applause from the crowd. The MC then announces him for the second time. However, this time round, it didn’t work out.

“Dolibondo, if you want me to announce you on stage for the second time, forget it. Go back home and do other things,” MC Mujuuka told him, attracting much applause from the crowd. He had to contend with just showing up on stage without being announced the second time.

He, though, together with Arthur D’aVaccine, put up a great performance. D’aVaccine, an up and coming comedian, cracked jokes about the president and his wife. Before he did, he told the camera people not to record him. Dolibondo too sat down off the stage, saying he wanted the camera to capture him as a reveller because he did not want to get issues with the president.
Other comedians who performed included Afande Kerekere and Prince Ehmah.

Masaka gets share
Meanwhile, another comedy group, comprising of Fun Factory’s Bugingo Hannington, Tindichwebwa (Tindi), Richard Tuwangye and Dickson Zizinga thrilled Masaka and Mbarara last weekend. Their first performance was at Tropic Inn in Masaka and Lake View Hotel in Mbarara.

Mirinda Comedy has seen comedians from different outfits coming together on one stage for several shows countrywide.


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