Sunday June 29 2014

Decoding his accessories

formal shoes


Many times, what we wear is determined by trends. If an item is showcased at a fashion show today, tomorrow every man tries hard to get their hands on it. The question here is do you pick that item because it is trending, or because it blends in well with your taste and personality?

What you may not know is that your accessories tell a lot about your personality.
For instance, a hip hop artiste may choose to sag his trousers and teaming them up with matching bling chains around their neck because maybe it is a way of exhibiting their cool side. That doesn’t mean that everyone else should do the same. We bring you a list of what some accessories say about your personality.

Your scent
You can exude masculinity by wearing the right cologne. If you want to have everyone turn every time you pass by, then pick the right cologne. Remember, this will not come cheap. It is easy to tell apart a man wearing cologne and one wearing a deodorant. The one that wears a deodorant probably doesn’t have the time to shop or does not even know how to choose a cologne. So the lazy man will have no time to spare to go perusing through the shelves for a good cologne at the mall, while the one with a nice cologne, not only has time, but pays attention to every detail, including how he smells. That is a man that commands respect.

The belt
You may think this is just useful to hold your pants up, but a belt will tell a lot about you in a number of ways. While it is custom that most men don’t pay attention to detail, a man that loves to look smart will pick his belt minding not only its texture, but the buckle as well. Take for instance a natural born artist, he will want to have some artistic impression on his buckle, to set himself apart from the man that will go for the normal and plain buckle. If a man goes as far as matching his belt with his shoes, that is a very stylish man.

The shoes
I have a queer habit. Every time a man walks up to me, whether it is in a night club or at the office, for some reason, my eyes are always drawn down to their shoes. I can tell a lot about a man basing on his shoes. You can tell a show off, judging from his footwear. The type that will usually go to the extent of wearing Air Force sneakers (fake ones at that) with dress pants unlike the mature one who puts thought to details and shades when picking their shoes.

The watch
This great time piece is a good accessory to move around with but remember, the make reflects your personality. For instance, G-Shock is a sporty time piece which has become a favourite of many celebrities and socialites. So the fact that it is bright obviously means you want to stand out. You want to step in the room, and let everyone have a clear view of your time teller. Now the corporate man, and wannabe CEO will instead opt for a subtle but classy make which speaks volumes like a Swiss classic Rolex, Mike Kors or a Timex.