Sunday June 22 2014

The collarless blazer

The collarless blazer


By Gloria Haguma.

With the unpredictable weather comes the need to find more ways to cover up. So you will be thinking blazers, jackets and coats. However, your collection is incomplete if you have not gotten yourself the collarless blazer.

This blazer is trendy, stylish and very versatile, making it easy to match many of your casual look. From a chino pants look, to denims, you can never go wrong with this accessory.

Being that it is not very warm means you can wear it for at least half the day.
Depending on what your fashion taste is , you can wear your collarless blazer with a small tee, a shirt, or even a vest, especially if you are the fashionista kind who make statements with what they wear.

Do not restrict your blazer to just casual look. For instance, if you are wearing chino pants and a tucked in shirt to work, go for the collarless blazer, but in a neutral colour like black, or grey, to complete.

Alternatively, for a Friday look, instead of having your shirt tucked into your denim jeans, let it hang then add a collarless blazer, and complete this with a pair of casual shoes.

The jackets come in a variety, so choose colours and print wisely depending on where you are wearing it to. Don’t show up to your office on Monday, in a camouflage collarless jacket.

All pictured items from Spenah Boutique, Nabukeera Plaza, Photos by Lubowa Abubaker.