They met in a club and danced their way to a relationship

Love in the club. Have you ever wondered what it feels like meeting someone in a night club and they hit on you?

Thursday May 1 2014

Gareth Onyango and his partner Nickita Bachu

Gareth Onyango and his partner Nickita Bachu share a playful moment. Right: The couple with their son at their home. The marketeers, who both work at Club Venom, have been together for five years. PHOTOS BY EDGAR R. BATTE 

By Edgar R. Batte

Her story
How did you meet?
We met in Ange Noir. We had met in several places, but the first time we talked was in Ange Noir.

What was your reaction when he approached you?
I did not mind him. When he said hello, he followed me to the dance floor. I think he liked the fact that we were dancing, in a crazy way.

So from the dance floor, what was his next move?
He asked for my number that night after the dance.

Did you give it to him?
Yes I did, which I do not usually do. But he did not call me immediately.

So, when he finally called, what did he say?
Well, he asked me to go with him on a date. I accepted. I used to go out with my sisters but this particular evening, I was alone with him.

Where did he take you?
We went to the beach. It was a Tuesday.

By this time, I am sure you were ‘studying him’. What did you see in him?
He was fun and lively. As we left club to go home, we hit a pavement and the car got a problem. His friend was driving. As we approached home, the car was leaking and they asked to leave it at my home. I was annoyed but had to understand. It meant that I had to see them again. When they came to pick the car, Gareth continued pursuing me. We went out again that day.

Where did you go this time?
We went back to Entebbe. He liked the beach. When we came back, we went to different clubs until late and I ended up at his place.

On the second night?
Yes… ha ha ha.

What happened that night?
I just slept. We were both high because we left the club at around 5am.

What was your assessment of him?
He was a nice man and I did not expect to be more than just friends. He was friendly and treated me well.

Were you seeing anyone at the time?
No, I had just broken up with my boyfriend like a month ago. I was still hurting and I was not looking at dating that soon.

At what point then did you realise Gareth was asking for more than friendship?
After an incident that happened at home. I was called for a family meeting in Kabale and he travelled to see me. I was surprised. It was a nice thing. When we returned from Kabale, we started dating seriously.

What serious character traits did you cherish about him?
He was a good listener. I would tell him I did not like something and he would tell me he would stop doing it. He was different.

What is it you did not like about him?
He is a bit too friendly, especially with the girls.

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