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WED: Ronald and Apophia Jaggwe

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The groom tries out his skills in photography by taking a snap of the bride. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Esther Oluka

Posted  Sunday, December 22  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

TWO BECOME ONE. The couple got married at Christ the King Church and then hosted their guests at a reception at St Karoli Lwanga Gardens, Ggaba.


What fascinated you the most during the wedding ceremony?
Ronald: I loved the big number of guests who turned up for the wedding. Everyone that I had invited turned up. I was very thrilled because I knew that most people had come to wish us well. The other thing that I loved was the weather. It was raining as we were entering church, but then it stopped 10 minutes before we came out of church. That really showed that God was on our side.
Apophia: I loved the fact that it was Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala who presided over the wedding ceremony at church. I also loved it when Ronald carried me during the photo shoot at Muyonyo gardens.

Did anything annoy you either at the church service or reception?
Ronald: No, everything was perfect except that the time was very little.
Apophia: Well, during the reception, I noticed that some of the guests did not have where to sit. Seeing them standing sort of made me uncomfortable.

What was going through your mind during the church service?
Ronald: I was mostly praying for good weather and for the day to end on such a good note. Luckily, God answered our prayers.
Apophia: The fact that I was actually getting married.
What are some of the things that you would do differently if you were to do it again?
Ronald: I would not change anything. Everything was perfect.
Apophia: I would want to use a chopper to fly at the wedding ceremony at church and at the reception.

Did you attend the pre-marital counseling sessions before the wedding?
Yes, we did.
Was it helpful?
Ronald: Yes, it was very helpful because I learnt a lot of things that I did not know before especially about marriage.
Apophia: Likewise, I learnt a lot of things concerning marriage. I am really happy that such counselling sessions are provided to couples before getting married. They are really helpful.

What major challenge(s) did you encounter during the planning process of the wedding?
Ronald: I faced the dilemma of whom to include and leave out of the guest list since I have many friends.
Apophia: Finances for my gown. My gown was at Shs4.5m. At some point, I even thought of settling in for something cheaper but I was so happy when Ronald told me not to worry because he was going to buy it for me.

How was the proposal done?
Apophia: He took me to Kampala Serena Hotel for dinner. Since it was my birthday, I thought that he was taking me there just to celebrate it. But I was surprised when he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him.
Ronald, did you get down on your knees as you made the proposal?
No, I did not get down on my knees. Apophia and I had been dating for such a long time. So, I was very used to her and that is why I never found it necessary to propose while kneeling down.

Now, that you speak about dating, how did you two meet?
Ronald: I met her at Uganda Martyrs Namugongo where both of us were studying. I was in Senior Six and she was in Senior Four. I had seen her around school a couple of times and had only said hello whenever I bumped into her. When the school held a boy’s party, I decided to invite her as my date. That was years back.

What attracted you to each other?
Ronald: I was mesmerised by her beauty and humble personality.
Apophia: Ronald was sort of proud when I met him. It was that pride that attracted me to him. He is also a kind hearted person.
What advice would you want to give to newlyweds?
Ronald: They should defend their spouses at all times. They should be themselves and not pretentious. Also, it is important for them to do everything within their limit and leave everything else to God.

Apophia: They should not allow relatives and friends to meddle into their marriage affairs. Decisions should be made just between the two of you as a couple. Bringing a third party into your marriage can break it. They should also be patient with one another.