Friday February 9 2018

I am afraid he will leave once he sees my disability


Dear Heart to Heart, I have been dating a man online for eight months now. He respects me, provides for me when I am in need and has showed all signs that he is interested in a serious relationship. However, I told him that I am lame but he does not believe it nor seem to care about it. We have agreed to finally meet next week which is making me worried that he may reject me once he sees me. I am worried and terrified about losing him. What should I do? Linda

Scovia Allano Hooks. As men, we sometimes do not believe everything a woman tells us because we think it is an opportunity she is using to distance herself from us. However, my sister, you do not have to fear anything or even be worried about meeting him physically. Be yourself. Give him that opportunity to finally meet you if he is insisting. Maybe he really does not care about what you call disability. However, wait for what he will say after meeting you but I must warn you not to put your expectations too high. After you have met and you suddenly see a change in character, or communication distance, weird replies, know he has finally believed with his “eyes”. But if he truly loves you, a deep affection will develop.

Wopo Emmanuel Enos. My dear sister Linda, true love means loving someone irrespective of one’s disability, behaviour, health, financial, social status. But if he rejects you when you meet, then he is not be the right man for you. Remember, God has a plan for you. If that man rejects you, God is preparing someone for you. In love and relationships, you have to meet wrong ones first. I talk out of experience.

Sylvia Nyangili. Disability is not inability my dear. If he truly loves you, he will even love you more. You never chose to be that way and you are not less of a human being be positive about yourself. All the best.

Mwaka Samuel. Linda, there is no need to worry because there is somebody for everybody out there. Just meet him and see how it goes. In the end, should you decide to move on as a couple, it will then be a matter of the heart and as time goes, your disability will cease and he will look at you as the woman of his dreams. Do not be conclusive yet just give him the chance.

Mpungu Paul. Do not worry Linda. Trust God, He is in control. Do not fear to meet him. Remember when God say yes, nobody can say no.

Karungi Elizabeth. Good enough you told him about your situation before. Being open to your friend is always a good thing. He will love you the way you are. Disability is not inability.

Patrick Patrick. You cannot change who you are. You maybe be lame, but awesome in character and chosen by God. Just relax, you are destined for greater heights. It is all about your heart not your physical makeup that matters. All the best. God will see you through this.

Balinda Tom. Do not be disabled and contract HIV, it will be worse for you. If he leaves you, then it is not your fault, it is his.

Nellysh A Nelson. If after seeing you, he rejects you because of your disability, you need to take heart and accept the fact and thank God for keeping you alive because it is not your fault. Always remember disability is not inability.

Irene Pretie Manishe. That is you my dear, if he is meant to be your man, he will accept you the way you are after all you had told him already.

Okello David. Sometimes able-bodied men marry disabled women. Just try your luck. Men marry women who are presentable, appreciable, able, attractive, and famous.

Asimwe Samuel Baguma. Do not be a hypocrite Linda, love is a game sometimes. You can break or construct it by yourself. Go and meet him; do not fear!

Martin Ochieng. Believe in Jesus, have faith for a miracle and it shall be well with you. No cost; all is free.

Juliet Nambooze. If this man truly loves you, disability is not reason enough for him to leave you. He will stay. If he leaves then it means he did not have true love because disability is not inability.

Michael Bwalatum. If indeed he loves you, he will still love you even if you are disabled such as a basket that requires to be carried all the time. Therefore, be yourself.

Davi Basa. Believe in yourself. You are the creator of your destiny. If you are worried, then that man might leave you. Be confident.

Econi Fred. do not worry Linda because if your man knows what you told him seriously, he will love you and not leave.

Tafari Ayella Christopher. What is love? When one understands this concept, then the answer for you Linda is evident and straight forward.

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Macs Steve
Character, not beauty will make you keep him.
Dear Linda. Relax and wait for your blessed day to come. Appreciate the outcome because God knows what you deserve. We do not meet people by accident. Some of them are supposed to cross our paths for a reason. In life you cannot get everything you want but God will always give you what you deserve. A wife is not determined by her beauty but her character. No matter how beautiful and handsome you are, just remember baboons also attract tourists. In other words, a woman’s beauty can take her to a palace but her character can determine how long she stays there. Beauty attracts men but character makes them keep them. You are a perfect decoration from God.