Wednesday May 7 2014

Learning to use your ears to make decisions


By Brian Mutebi

From infancy, we were taught that we use our eyes to see but I believe sometimes, we need to see using our ears. I conceived this view the other day when my friend.

Brian came home quite disturbed. He was feeling empty and hopeless. He is a young man looking for a wife to marry. No doubt he is ready for marriage.

He is financially stable and I hear women want men like Brian; I mean husbands who can provide that security.

But in his endeavours, Brian has been frustrated for four solid years. He either “spots” those who are too young to commit to marriage like girls in high school or those who are already engaged.
Frustrating! He shared how while attending a function, he saw a woman he thought could be a potential wife. His eyes crossed with hers and her eyes were inviting.

The hunter in Brian rose to the occassion. At the end of the function, he devised means to meet her.

He succeeded in his efforts but things did not play out the way he had anticipated. He realised that although from a distance she appeared young, she was actually older.

Her face showed it all. And on sharing a few lines, came a revelation that killed it all. She had three children.

The big question
Not that a woman who has given birth to a child cannot be good for a wife, no. In fact, I have seen a couple of them who are “hot”.
But that is not what Brian wants. He is a young man and believes he should get a “young girl”. And this woman did not have one but three children. Brian was hurt. “Why am I always attracted to the wrong people, why?” he groaned. I was at a loss of words.

The big deal
Most of the men that I know will swear that they must marry women they are attracted to. Unfortunately for Brian, it seems he is attracted to only the “wrong” ones.

In spite of this analysis, one question remained unanswered, “Why?” Not sure how to respond, I knelt down at my bedside and prayed out loud. “Lord, you see we’re broken beyond measure. We don’t understand this. Why do we see the wrong people?” I petitioned. “Your eyes have failed you,” was the clear answer that I heard.
“You thought you would trust your eyes to see your wife but you need to use your
I was desperate so I interrupted my spirit, “But how; seeing is for the eye and hearing for the ear?” “Well, listen,” the spirit said, “What makes a good wife is much more than what the eyes can see. You need to listen to your inner voice, from God. Brian, when looking for a wife, one needs to see using their ears.”

My decision
It was one of those revelations Brian and I did not want to hear.
Who wants to face their failures? But a few moments later, my heart told me, “Brian, one needs to know their failures so they can start afresh with success.” So now that the answer has come out loud and clear, I am going forth to do what I need to.