Tuesday April 29 2014

Lingala dance party at Koffi Olomide show

Revellers get down

Revellers get down to Olomide’s tunes.  

By Abdulaziz Tumusiime

Koffi Olomide’s Red Music concert was more of a dance competition between the Lingala icon and revellers. It was a shift from the usual; where an artiste performs to an only head nodding and foot stomping audience.

Waists were shaken vigorously and hands and legs were thrown in the air. Olomide arrived on stage at 9.48pm and started off by dancing to instrumental music by his famous Quartier Latina band. There was no sign of his 56-years in the dance strokes he pulled. This attracted deafening ululation from the crowd.

He performed tracks like Andrada (commonly referred as Malembe), Papa Plus, Effrakata, Elixir (a collaboration he performed with his singer Cindy Le Coeur – a lady with amazing high pitched vocals), Loir and a couple of other songs. His nubile queen dancers kept many an eye from batting. He bowed out at 11.30pm after sharing the stage with some Ugandans who displayed rare dance strokes.