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Thursday November 21 2019

The 2nd generation IST is bigger, more spacious

The 2nd generation IST is bigger, more spacious and comfortable  

By Paul Kaganzi

Hi Paul, I have been driving a Toyota IST 1.3 litre petrol 2003 model and it served me well as a small efficient easy to park car although I could do with a little more power for highway driving. How does the second generation IST compare with my current first generation IST and is it a good replacement option? Anthony K.

Hello Anthony, both the 1st generation (2002 -2007) and 2nd generation (2007 - 2016) Toyota IST cars are sub compact cars which means they are developed on the Vitz economy concept but built roomier like SUVs with wagon like features and more high end or sportier styling. IST was intended for younger drivers who value economy, practical easy parking but also have a penchant for a trendy sportier ride than the Vitz. There are several fundamental differences between the 1st and 2nd generation Toyota IST. The most obvious difference is size and bolder sharper improved external, internal styling and comfort armenities. The 2nd generation IST is bigger, more spacious and comfortable (mm LxWxH : 3,930 x 1,725 x 1540) than the 1st one (mm LxWxH : 3,855 x 1,695 x 1535). 2nd generation IST ‘s bolder looks are partly because it is designed to appeal to a bigger segment of both younger and middle aged but youthful people. This IST is meant to give tough competition to the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Soul while attracting buyers who want to upgrade from the Vitz compact car segment. The 2nd generation IST, to your potential delight , comes with a bigger engine and more power (1.8L 2ZR-FE /138 horse power @6000rpm). Both generations of IST share the (1.5L 1NZ-FE / 109 horse power @6000 rpm) and the 1st generation offers the fuel miser but sluggish 1.3L 2NZ-FE / 84 horse power @ 6000rpm. The 2nd generation IST offers both engines with a CVT (continuous velocity transmission) which is an automatic transmission which shifts using ratios to give a more fuel efficient gearing than the conventional ‘shift in steps’ automatic gearbox. CVT gearboxes require specific CVT oil at service available at the main Toyota dealer. The 2nd generation IST comes with a choice of Forward wheel drive (FWD) or All wheel drive (AWD) to traverse slippery light terrain. The price difference: IST generation 1 costs about UGX 12,000,000 and 2nd generation costs about UGX 18,000,000 in the bonded ware houses. Cost of regular service is about the same while replacement of suspension, body panels and lights is costlier for the 2nd generation IST.