My Raum’s speedometer is not working anymore. Why?

Thursday December 12 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

Paul, What could have spoilt my Toyota Raum 2002’s speedometer? It stopped suddenly. Can it be rectified? Julius A

Hello Julius, a faulty speedometer can be a big inconvenience, especially when you have to drive on the highway and you can’t keep a track of how fast you are driving or how far you have driven.
On your Toyota Raum a speedometer may fail due to a breakdown of the VSS Vehicle Speed sensor, VSS circuit or the instrument cluster which houses the speedometer.

Many modern car speedometers draw their speed information from a Vehicle Speed Sensor which is attached to the transmission. The same speed sensor helps the operation of the cruise control and will cause a diagnostic fault code or check engine light if it fails. A computer diagnostic reading will quickly confirm if its the culprit.

A break down or interruption of the circuit between the VSS and the engine computer will also lead to failure of your car’s speedometer.

If the two are okay then a good technician needs to investigate the condition of the speedometer in the instrument cluster.

Sometimes a faulty instrument cluster will lead to failure of the speedometer.