Looking for comfort and luxury, try the Kluger GX 2WD 2017

Thursday October 17 2019


By Joan Salmon

While many buyers go for Toyota cars due to its durability, for this one, there is more to it than meets the eye. The 3.5 litre petrol engine is a seven-seater that will appeal to anyone that adores comfort.

It comes with a sharper design with trim headlights, an audacious trellis compared to its predecessors. Its look is somewhat synonymous to a wagon on the sides making it even more appealing. At least Tom Mangeni, a Kluger owner, believes so. He says the interior has ample storage space.

Storage space
Edwin Kagugube, a mechanic, says there is a lot of space to work with. The first one is that between the front passenger seats that can do well to hold several books, and some toys. “Basically, weight of up to 20 kgs can be accommodated here,” he points out.
Kagugube says the dashboard is split to allow for a shelf where you can put some items such as phones, papers, sunglasses, and keys and other small items. Besides that, all the four doors come with decent sized bottle holders while the front doors have map pockets for extra storage. That is coupled with eight cup holders (two at the front, two in the centre and two for the third row passengers). However the boot space is limited when all the rows are occupied.
“When we have lots of luggage, we fold the third row and that gives us ample space,” Rachel Kisakye, a Kluger owner, shares. She adds that there is even more room when one folds the second row seats.

Comfort is great for first and second row passengers as they have plenty of leg and head room as the back seats can actually go all the way to the back. Even the second row seats can slide forward making it comfortable for three passengers. However, the third row passengers do not have enough space.
Kisakye says the air conditioning vents and temperature setting in the rear comes in handy during high temperatures.
“It is also well-cushioned,” Mangeni adds saying he barely feels the bumps which makes the drive so beautiful.

It comes with a Toyota’s 2GR-FKS V6 engine that produces torque of 350Nm and power of 218kW. This Kluger is an eight speed automatic transmission and entirely front drive with eight-speed vehicle making it twice better than its predecessors.

Fuel consumption
While the Toyota consumption rate is 9.1 litres for every 100km, Moses Mukalazi, a mechanic says, on a Saturday with steadily flowing traffic jam, he once used 14 litres for the same distance. “But I believe that the consumption gets better with less traffic,” he adds.
Placed with other SUVs such as the Nissan PathFinder, this Kluger stands gallantly serving its user with comfort, amenities and luxury.