Museveni cautions Chinese against bribing govt officials

President Museveni

Kampala- President Museveni has cautioned Chinese investors against bribing government officials through offering commissions and kickbacks, saying they don’t need.

Mr Musevei, who was speaking during the China-Uganda Economic Forum in Kampala yesterday, said the existing corruption cases going on in Uganda are “software economic bottleneck that the country needs to get rid of”.
“Please don’t give commissions to our officers because they don’t need it. [That] is corruption,” he said.

Many government officials, including high profile individuals, have been accused of soliciting bribes from Chinese investors in return for favours.

Thus, Mr Museveni asked Chinese investors to be on the watch for such individuals with the view of tipping concerned authorities to bring them to book.
“When any government official asks for a bribe from you, just tip off your ambassador. I will get the information and we will arrest [such people,” he said.

Much as there are a lot of investment opportunities in Uganda both local and foreign investors have often complained of the problem of bureaucracies in the institutions, which in a way slows down or delays investment in the country.

Mr Museveni wondered why somthing that should be done within hours or a day take weeks and others months.

“Why do you [government officials] delay investors? What Guangzhou Dongsong [which at some time the IGG was investigating over alleged corruption] is doing in Tororo is great. This is the first to be built in the world,” he said.

Guangzhou Dongsong Energy located in Osukulu Sub-county in Tororo District has set up a factory that will produce about 300,000 tonnes of organic fertilizer annually.

It will be the biggest producer of organic fertilizers in East Africa.
Mr Museveni said China is helping Uganda to industrialise “but you cannot industrialise when you don’t have electricity,” thereby underscoring the need to increase electricity production and generation.

China is actively expanding its influence in Uganda and Africa at large providing non concessional loans for infrastructure projects, many of which are constructed by Chinese companies.
“I am happy with the Chinese government. They have helped us with the construction of Karuma and Nsimbe power dam. [They are] always willing to help,” he said.