Nile Breweries unveils new look

Nile Breweries staff pose for a photo showing the company’s new image. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OTAGE

What you need to know:

New image. The beer company says it rebranded to create a corporate identity to reflect its corporate vision and show the consumers that it was looking forward.


Beer company, Nile Breweries Limited (NBL), has launched a new corporate identity, which it says is meant to align it to changing consumer needs and tastes.

While unveiling the new company outlook on Monday, Mr Greg Metcalf, the NBL managing director, said since 1951 when the company was established, it has been using a roaring lion as its logo, which is old yet times and customers have changed.

“Sometime in 2008 when I was attending a business function, I told some consumer that our brewery is in Jinja and he described it as a rural brewery because he thought this company is small yet today it is a dominant player in the beer industry,” he said.

He added that as the leading company in innovations in the industry, there was need to change the company corporate identity to reflect its corporate vision and show the consumers and other players in the industry that this is a progressive company.

According to Mr Onapito Ekomoloit, the NBL director corporate affairs, research conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation in areas where they draw their raw materials, especially sorghum, shows that farmers in those areas have a better standard of living compared to the rest of the farmers because of steady incomes they earn from growing the raw materials.

“This is true for farmers from Teso, Bugiri and Tororo where we grow our sorghum where their incomes have steadily risen because of supplying us sorghum,” he said.

The company also added the “above and beyond” slogan, which, according to Mr Metcalf, is meant to align the company business strengths, forecasts and community involvement.