Uganda expresses interest to host ICC entrepreneurship, innovation centre

Thursday March 5 2020

Dr Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari

Dr Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari 

By Justus Lyatuu & Ashita Chopra

Uganda has expressed interest to host the International Chamber of Commerce’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, according to Dr Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari, the president of Uganda National Chamber of Trade and Investment.

Dr Rukaari, who was in December elected to sit on a 20-member World Chamber Federation General Council, said during a media briefing that Uganda is expected to participate in the February 2021 process that will select the host of the ICC Centre for Entrepreneurship for Anglophone.

The centre will be key in preparing and mobilising the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as bring open innovation to the forefront, celebrate business collaborations and enable to refreshen innovators.

“Through the centre, we will leverage ICC’s global influence to develop skills for young people who face uncertain employment prospects and help catalyse local entrepreneurship through deeper collaborations with companies, chambers of commerce and technology partners,” Dr Rukaari said, noting the World Chamber Federation General Council has been key in driving business and development across the globe thus it was time for Uganda to tap into the opportunities that come with the centre.

Uganda continues to suffer with high rates of unemployment with at least 68 per cent of the estimated 44 million people not involved in the money economy.

“We need to find a solution on how we can engage these people outside the money economy,” Dr Rukaari said, noting that initiatives such as the Entrepreneurship Centre will go a long way in providing the much needed relief.


Last month, Dr Rukaari was part of a delegation that was in Istanbul, Turkey to launch the first regional hub of the ICC Centre for Entrepreneurship and another hub is expected to be launched in Senegal, to serve Francophone countries.