UNRA secures Shs400b for Muyembe, Nakapiripit road

Friday November 8 2019

Trucks stuck along Muyembe-Namalu road in

Trucks stuck along Muyembe-Namalu road in Bulambuli District after a heavy down pour. The road, which connects to Karamoja region when completed, will boost trade between the rest of Uganda and Karamoja. FILE PHOTO  


After four years of waiting, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has finally signed the civil works contract of the upgrading of the Muyembe- Nakapiripit road to tarmac standard.

Ms Allen Kagina, the UNRA executive director, yesterday said the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) had agreed to fund the 92 kilometre road project which is expected to take 36 months.

The contractor, Polat Yol Yapi San, a Turkish firm is expected to start the works early next year.
The project is located in the Karamoja sub-region, stretching from Muyembe through Mbale before connecting to Nakapiripit- Moroto, which is already tarmacked.

Economic prosperity
Ms Kagina was addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday on the updates of the road project.
According to UNRA, the road will significantly contribute to the economic prosperity of the North Eastern region and it will also assist in the administrative and social coverage in addition to opening business opportunities.

“The land acquisition process is going on and is being managed by a UNRA in-house team. A total of 60.7 per cent of the right of way have been acquired estimated at 66 per cent. By 2020 the project will have acquired 100 per cent right of way,” Ms Kagina said.

The Muyembe- Nakapiripit road will be an addition to the already tarmacked Moroto- Nakapiripit road.
The Moroto–Akisim stretch is expected to be completed soon.