I’ll put any trouble causer in the cooler, says Museveni

What you need to know:

On notice. Warns that army ready to handle post-election violence


The ruling NRM party presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni has warned that army and police have been fully mobilised and placed on the alert to tackle any post-election disturbances.

“There will be no violence. If anybody tries to do any violence, we shall get [and] put him in the deep freezer and he cools down until the blood pressure comes down. So, please, since you always say nonsense, at least say this: that the old man [Museveni] has said there will be no violence,” he said.

He added: “They [security agencies] are ready; the whole army and police force are mobilised [to see] who will bring violence.”
It was not immediately clear if Mr Museveni, in power since 1986, was speaking in his capacity as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces or presidential contender --- two identities that have been fused since the campaigns began last November.

He warned that no one should attempt to declare any result, except the Electoral Commission, the only institution legally mandated to do so. “Nobody has got the power to announce the results; it’s only the Electoral Commission and if anybody tries it, we shall just dismantle him. You will see [that] they [security forces] are ready,” Mr Museveni said, adding: “They tried to do some violence in Mukono, those [Mukono Municipality MP Betty] Nambooze, but we just picked up those stupid so-called kanyamas [brawny body guards]. If you are a kanyama, you go and cultivate coffee and grow, don’t attack people.”

In answer to question about the government’s impromptu decision to shut down social networking sites twitter, facebook and watsapp, Mr Museveni said: “It’s temporary, it will go, and some people misuse those pathways telling lies. If you want a right, then use it properly.”

The Uganda Communications Commission, the statutory regulator, ordered closure of the sites yesterday morning.
Mr Museveni, who is seeking a fifth elective term, cast his ballot in the afternoon at Kaaro High School polling station in Nshwerenkye village, Kenshunga Sub-county, in Kiruhura district.

On arrival, he joined the queue closer to the polling table and took finger print reading on biometric machine before he was issued a ballot paper to vote.