Best fish for farming

Saturday February 9 2019


By Christine Katende

What would be the best fish type to farm and why? Harriet Nakajubi

Dear Harriet
There are different fish species farmed in Uganda but the best type I can recommend is catfish.
It is the best fish to farm all round especially in ponds and tanks. Catfish grows very fast, it is hardier and can be farmed under harsh conditions. It is easy to transport and can easily be stocked in high densities.

Catfish has more filleting, very tasty and has a high market demand. When we look at the available options of farmed fish species, catfish comes out as the ultimate answer.
Catfish is probably the world’s ultimate aquaculture species from a technical and an economic perspective because of the following;
• Female catfish are prolific breeders which can produce more than 100,000 eggs every three months.

• They can be farmed at super high densities exceeding 400kg/m3.
• Growth is exceedingly rapid and they attain one kilogramme in less than six months.
• Required infrastructure cost is low due to the high stocking density.
• Catfish is easier to feed.
• Juveniles can be transported for long distances without needing oxygenated vans and they arrive in good condition.

• Mature cat fish can also be trans
ported live, keeping them absolutely fresh until slaughter.
• Catfish is a very tasty fish loved by many.
Therefore catfish is the cheapest fish to farm. And thus gives the most profit to the farmer.
Because of its many advantages, more farmers are investing in farming catfish, and because of its increasing market demand, it is definitely fast becoming the fish of the future.
Answered by Charles Mulamata, chairperson, Africa Aquaponics Association, Rubaga