A flawless skin has a lot to do with diet

Saturday July 4 2020

Sharon Kamanyire – Beauty Blogger (Living With

Sharon Kamanyire – Beauty Blogger (Living With Sharon) 

Sharon Kamanyire – Beauty Blogger (Living With Sharon)

I can’t do without...
Facial wash, scented candle and juice blender.

I can’t get enough of...
All skincare products.

The most expensive thing in my wardrobe is...
Red Zara winter coat. This is my favourite thing in life.

The colours that compliment my appearance are...
White, red and yellow, I can never go wrong with those.

I feel most confident and comfortable wearing...
A short dress, heels and a blazer.


I last cleaned my wardrobe...
My wardrobe is always clean. I hate clutter.

I buy my clothes from...
I am a huge fan of Zara but now that I am home, I am doing a lot of online shopping from small boutiques importing clothes from china.

What’s your favourite beauty or make-up hack?
If you have oily skin don’t use primers and setting powders. Moisturise conceal and cover-up with just foundation.

Three products you always have in your stash
I always have an exfoliant with glycolic acid. (pixie glow toxic is my favourite), Vitamin C serum (works on dark spots and hyperpigmentation removal) and lastly, tretinoin cream( most affordable anti-aging and acne treatment).

What’s been your biggest beauty disaster?
The way I used to draw jet black eye pencil around my eyes all the time was a disaster especially for someone with big eyes.

Beauty or skincare advice
Change your diet. People hate to hear this. But on my first visit to the dermatologist, I was told the skin blemishes are a reflection of what we feed our bodies on. A flawless skin has a lot to do with our diet regimen.

What does your self-care routine consist of?
Self-care for me means lighting a scented candle, cleaning my space and listening to music.

What beauty trend have you never been able to get on board with?
Wearing artificial eyelashes is not for me. I don’t think I will ever jump on board for this trend.

Which beauty bloggers do you follow for inspiration?
Michelle Phan was my first and most inspirational beauty enthusiast and for wellness, it is Kourtney Kardashian.