Being killed with sexiness

Saturday May 25 2019


By Mark Kawalya

I sat on a metal seat with the little man in the waiting area of this hospital with tall white washed walls. A large grey circular clock sat on a wall, ticking loudly each time its second hand made a movement.

About six other patients were waiting with us.
The door creaked open and a mother waltzed in with two daughters and headed past us to the reception desk. All eyes followed her a few heads shaking. She was very skimpily clad. She attempted to pull down her little dress each time she took two or three steps. I’m sure you have seen that drill before.

After her insurance paperwork had been processed, she took a seat with her daughters directly opposite a gentleman with a little boy. He immediately changed seats so his son wouldn’t have a direct view of this woman. Now I know women, your goal is to kills us men with your sexiness, but shouldn’t some limits be put on that when you become a mother? It is quite a strange paradox trying to be a good mother and a sex bomb at the same time.

Those two things are mutually exclusive. They are as different as chalk is from cheese. So, like these sexy mothers, are they happily married, are they searching, what is their status. Because I’m thinking if you are married to the father of your kids then there is no need to front this ultra-sexy you to everyone out there. What i find interesting that while some women choose to be the sexiest they can be, smarter women are quietly becoming industry leaders in their careers.

They are working hard in the solitude of their offices, bettering and positioning themselves for success. They are putting in the work getting post graduate degrees mastering in fields even I can’t pronounce. They know that what is in your head is more important than any curves. So while you enjoy to tirelessly swing hips from side to side clad in near nothingness, I implore you to understand that you are selling yourself short.

Now I am no expert in things to do with women’s dressing. I often cannot tell a bra from blouse. I’m also told blouse is an old word that women don’t use anymore. I might have wasted your time since I’m not a woman so what can I know. But those are some of the deliberations of a man whenever he is.... trying to survive being killed with sexiness.