The father-daughter bond is priceless

Saturday January 11 2020

She got onto stage to sing. The band was all set. When she started singing, I blinked several times as she effortlessly continued singing.
I had not listened to such bad sound in a long while but here we were. She was amazingly confident and she patched up her pathetic performance with an interesting dance as she swayed from side to side.
First, the crowd froze and many burst into laughter. Some started to laugh hysterically while others cheered on with mounds of sarcasm. But she was not moved an inch. She continued to sing and to dance like she was the best singer in the world.
I turned to my neighbour and remarked, “she must have grown up with a loving father,” and I meant it. “Why?’ My neighbour asked in disbelief, completely amused.
“Because that kind of confidence can only be instilled in a woman by her father,” I replied. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the power a father has over his daughters in particular. There is something incredibly special and beautiful about fathers and their daughters. God must have put it there. I firmly believe no one can affirm a woman as deeply, genuinely and permanently like her father.
The way a man treats, behaves and conducts himself around his baby girl has a direct relationship on the way that girl will appreciate life, not only as a girl but even as a woman in future. What an incredible responsibility!
Women who were greatly and deliberately affirmed by their fathers see the world from a different perspective from those whose fathers were absent or emotionally unattached. Their emotional tanks so to speak, have been filled to the brim. They are not needy and for the most part, carry a very healthy dose of independence.
The firm and gentle affirmations from their fathers sink into their souls and allow them to blossom beautifully. Even when challenged by life situations, they tend to be more balanced. We all want to be loved unconditionally and what better seeds of love than the ones a father sows in their daughters?