How they intend to achieve 2020 goals

Saturday January 11 2020


By Christine Katende

Were you able to achieve last year’s goals? Whatever answer you have, it is important to generate workable strategies to achieve this year’s goals. Christine Katende spoke to women who shared strategies that are working for them and how they plan to achieve more in 2020.

Abigael K Gabby, Peer educator
I have been planning all through the past years but I barely achieved any tangible goal, apart from paying bills. I have counted the years and I have written the goals, but that’s where it all ended for the last couple of years. This year’s goal is have an income generating project. I pray that this goal sees the light of day.

Sharon Bianca, Interior designer
I have already put down strategies for 2020 and I am determined to achieve them. My goal this year is to grow my furniture company. I plan to double my efforts in reaching out to targeted clientele and hopefully by end of the year, I will have a showroom. My target is to reach out to at least more than 200 clients. I am also looking at how to market my music and acting talents and this calls for creativity. I will be working on a task per week.


Memory Nampijja, Professional footballer and basketballer
I have quite a number of goals for this year and among the strategies I have in order to achieve them, is getting a part-time job to raise money for my construction project. I also intend to embark on intensive training for basketball in the upper league. I see myself being one of the best sports instructors in Uganda. I am going to enrol for courses and undergo trainings to learn more about managing the sport. I also intend to do charity work to give back to community and soccer club. I want to pursue a degree in real estate to jumpstart my real estate business career.

Sarah Sentongo Kisauzi, Actress
I plan to be more intentional and focused. Time management will be a key component and I plan to get out of the comfort zones. I am not growing any younger. I want to focus on living healthy, this New Year.I am going to prioritise good physical exercise and overall wellbeing. I will also make time to network with resourceful people both locally and internationally.

Shadia Nabacwa, House wife
I intend to start a business this year. I plan to buy myself a car, buy more plots of land and start construction of our house. I have already saved money for the business and for the foundation of the house. I plan to save every penny I get to accomplish these goals within a specified time. I have agreed to work with my husband until our house is complete. I have also given myself a time frame to work within. I believe I would have achieved my goals by the end of November 2020.

Jemimah Nakiwala, IT manager
I am going to be intentional about many things. I plan to stick to my goals more than ever before. I plan to read a new book at least each month. I have realised that if you want to be knowledgeable and a great leader, you must make reading part of your lifestyle. I also want to try and celebrate the little wins and not to overly concentrate on the big achievements as these sometimes never come. This calls for consistency and I am up to the task.

Ritah Aliguma, Sports journalist
If you are serious about achieving any goal, you need to understand the importance of setting smart and workable goals. Creating a plan of action, eliminating bad habits, discipline, mitigating distractions, leveraging daily tasks, fighting procrastination, doing away with bad company and managing time are some of the strategies of achieving goals. Everyone has goals in life but staying focused in order to realise these goals is a different story. Everyone wants to achieve something, no matter who we are and the age of life we are all at.

Joan Mulungi Busulwa, Journalist

I have specified timelines within which to achieve my goals. I have also identified people who I will work with in order to achieve these particular goals. I have saved enough resources to ensure my project does not stall.

Leilah Nalubega, Businesswoman
I realised in 2019 I have not been praying enough. I did not thank God enough for the blessings yet He has given me much more. I want to improve on my relationship with God. Usually when you appreciate the favours that God has given you first, and you pray for more as well as work hard, things become easier along the way. In 2020, I want to build stronger and meaningful relationships. I want to associate more with people who are purpose-driven, intelligent, selfless and God-fearing people. I love to put a smile on unprivileged people and my target this year is to find means of making this possible. I intend to save the little money I earn instead of spending it on luxurious activities such as baby showers and birthday parties.

Joselyn kirabo, Operations director
Putting God first in everything I plan to do. I intend to engage in 40 days of fasting and prayer. I will be reviewing my contact list to discard people who are not in any way beneficial to me. I am also looking at minimising my expenses and saving a lot more to achieve my investment goals. Relevant networking with people in line with my career is another strategy I am looking at. I have, however, created a massive action plan which I am willing to take on, every single day without fail. I will work tirelessly, day and night until I realise my goal. I plan to adopt new habits such as waking up early, practicing gratitude, eating healthy, among others. I have set a time frame for each goal I have set to achieve this year. I am also exiting all irrelevant groups that hold me back from achieving my goals and stifle progress.