Exercises to try out as a couple

Monday July 20 2020


By Joan Salmon

Exercising is fun but it becomes more fun if you workout as a couple. Here are some of the best exercises to try out.
Plank, hand clap

The couple lies in a plank position facing each other with a space of one metre between them. They hold this position and start raising their arms/hands to clap, left to left and right to right. ”You can do it several times but the number of repetitions depends on the couple’s fitness. This exercise is especially good for toning the upper body,” Elly Muhereza, a fitness coach, shares.
Push-up reach
Push-ups allow for the training of the chest and tricep muscles. While they are usually done solo and there is only one move to it, there is no harm done by adding a clap to the equation. “It sure adds fun to the workout not to mention the extra challenge it births,” Noel Mugurusi, a fitness enthusiast, shares.

To make this work, Mugurusi says the couple must face each other. “There is no need to sweat it, do whichever push up type you can. It could be on your toes or on your knees. Then, alternatingly, give a high five or clap to each other from left to right,” he shares.

Apart from improving your endurance, you have to work in sync so that you are both ready to respond to the high five without missing,” he says.

While this is also tailored for fun, Mugurusi says we need not undermine the effects on our bodies. “Depending on what you want to achieve, you may go for a wide grip push up with your hands placed at a distance wider than shoulder-width apart from each other if you desire to work on your chest or for a close grip push up to better your triceps. Whichever you choose, you will not lose out on your connection with your partner,” he says.
Squat leg raises
With this workout, one person is working on the lower body while the other is working on the core. “One person is standing while doing squats as they push the one lying down doing leg raises and they change after a few repetitions,” Muhereza shares.
Wall sit tricep dip
In this workout, the upper and lower body is used. “It is done in such a way that one person ‘sits’ with their back against the wall and knees at 90 degrees hence thighs parallel to the floor. This is a wall sit.

The other person will stand in front of the one in a wall sit, with their back facing them and use their thighs to perform a tricep dip,” Mugurusi explains the workout. He adds that for added intensity, the person doing the tricep dip ought to keep their feet further from them.


The person doing the wall sit is also faced with the challenge of being a stable and firm base for their partner and the weight exerted on their legs also creates an extra challenge.
Squat arm rotation
Muhereza says the couple stands with legs shoulder width apart while facing each other. “They then hold each other using one hand and then go down to do a squat, then rise up. However, they must change arms before going down again,” he shares. It is a tale of holding each other even when one finds the workout challenging seeing that not everyone can squat and come up without touching the ground.

Alternating leg circles
Here, both parties lie on their back and put their legs together off the ground then start moving them in a circular movement in different directions. “While it seems like child play, it will help you stretch those thighs while giving you time to laugh about a thing or two, something you could possibly not do with a wall sit or any other rigorous couple workout,” Elly Muhereza, a fitness coach, shares.